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10 Asana Alternatives for Managing Your Workflow

Best asana alternatives will be described in this article. The way we operate, engage with teams, manage tasks, and complete projects at work has been permanently altered by project management technologies.

You’ve probably heard of or used Asana to manage your online workflow if you manage projects or work from home. Can Asana keep up with the increasing complexity of projects now that it has been a few years? A good query. While Asana may be sufficient for some teams, it may not be for others, particularly if they are handling numerous projects, personnel, and resources.

It lacks essential components required to meet the expectations of a modern project. One thing that can be very difficult when working with teams is that it doesn’t allow users to add multiple assignees to a task or have the capability to handle threaded comments.

Users will also need to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to get the essential tools for efficient project management.

You should consider your alternative possibilities in this situation. To assist you in finding a better, more scalable solution for your contemporary workflow and project needs, we’ve identified 10 of the top Asana alternatives now on the market along with their best features, current restrictions, and cost.

Top 10 Best Asana Alternatives for Managing Your Workflow In 2023

Top 10 Best Asana Alternatives for Managing Your Workflow are explained here.

1. ClickUp


ClickUp is a well-liked all-in-one project management solution designed to assist small to huge teams in streamlining their workflow, enhancing teamwork, and managing straightforward to challenging projects (such as building) more successfully.

We discovered something better than Asana when we tested ClickUp.

Users can certainly create their ideal workflow using ClickUp’s robust project management features and customizable platform, but both individuals and teams from different departments can also customise it to suit their preferred workflow, preferred learning styles, and specific project requirements.

The platform is used by teams for a variety of use cases, making it a strong project management tool and one of the top Asana alternatives currently accessible.

As opposed to Asana’s free plan, ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan comes with everything the majority of teams require, including Mind Maps, Goals, collaborative Docs, assigned comments, custom roles, multiple assignees, time tracking, and more. This makes it easier to manage multiple projects and fosters teamwork.

Get free access to a huge selection of features, editable templates, and live customer support every single day.

Best Features

  • Select from more than 15 custom views, such as the Gantt Chart, the Timeline, and the Chat view.
  • A task may have one or more assignees.
  • Track the development of projects and tasks with custom statuses.
  • To sped up workflow, create and save customised automation.
  • Create personalised project dashboards
  • Features for real-time reporting
  • Integrating ClickUp with over a thousand different work tools
  • Using the ClickUp mobile app, you can access and manage your work from anywhere.
  • Add linkages and task dependencies to tasks and documents.

Current Limitation

Learning curve brought on by the number of features provided

The mobile app doesn’t yet have a Table view.


Five plans are provided by ClickUp:

Unlimited ($5 per month per user), Business ($12 per month per member), Business Plus ($19 per month per member), and Enterprise (contact for pricing)

To access the many customisable options that can be used to streamline your process, register for free right now.

2. Trello


Trello is a project management platform that focuses on grouping activities into boards, making it simple for teams and project managers to see tasks at a glance and follow the status of projects.

Additionally, this Asana substitute provides project templates, several ways to view tasks, and a Butler option for workflow automation.

Best features

Various views are available, including Board, Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, Map, and Workspace views.

Use the plugins for Trello to connect other work tools.

Simple templates from experts in the field and the Trello community

Current Limitation

  • The user interface might be made better
  • Free version lacks sophisticated features.


  • Trello provides four options:
  • Free, Standard ($5 per month; billed yearly), Premium ($10 per month; billed annually), and Enterprise are the available plans (contact for pricing)

3. Nifty


Due to its abundance of functionality, simplicity of use, and low cost, Nifty is a well-liked Asana substitute and task management application.

To assist teams in streamlining their process, it provides features that enhance team collaboration, task management, reporting, and more.

Best Features

  • Project load overviews with insights on the roadmap timelines
  • Direct messaging built-in and two-way Docs
  • Guest rights and open sharing for outside cooperation
  • Present restrictions
  • No public API yet.
  • Metrics
  • Currently, dashboards, an often sought feature, are absent.
  • No personalised automation


Nifty provides these five plans:

Starter ($5 per month per member), Pro ($10 per month per member), Business ($16 per month per person), and Enterprise (contact for pricing)

4. Chanty


Because of its built-in task management, Chanty is an all-in-one team communication tool and one of the best Asana alternatives.

Among other things, it enables you to convert messages into tasks, assign them to team members, establish due dates, and prioritise tasks.

Additionally, you may start in-depth discussions for each assignment and work together with your team members inside the app.

Best features

  • Managing tasks using a Kanban board
  • A teambook that acts as a central centre for task management, communication, and pinned messages
  • A feature for audio and video conferencing
  • Present restrictions
  • Has few integrations with third parties


Chanty has two pricing tiers: a free tier for teams of up to 10 users and a business tier priced at $4 per user per month.

5. Hive


With a more user-friendly layout than Asana, Hive is another noteworthy task management programme that provides all of the same project management features.

It respects its customers and develops new features in response to their comments and votes.

This indicates that Hive provides capabilities that actual people genuinely need and want to work more quickly every day.

Best Features

Complete task management tools and several project perspectives

Native conversation and note-taking features

Email synchronisation that transfers messages from Gmail and Outlook directly to Hive

Current Limitation

  • Mobile application could be enhanced
  • Problematic notifications
  • Steep learning curve, particularly when it arrives to project and task assignment


Besides a two-week free trial, Hive offers three price tiers: Free, Teams ($12 per user/month), and Enterprise (contact for pricing)

The emphasis placed by Hive on virtual collaboration is transforming how teams interact in today’s hybrid workplace.

Hive is your one-stop shop for getting everything done, whether you need to rapidly audio chat with coworkers, take notes in a Zoom meeting, or track progress toward company goals.

– Addison Goff, Hive’s manager of content and communications

6. Narrato


You may organise and integrate your content operations and team on a single platform with the help of Narrato, a content workflow management platform that can handle the whole content process from beginning to end.

Narrato can assist in streamlining your workflow and accelerating your approval process whether you are developing a new content strategy, seeking out fresh content ideas, producing content at scale, or keeping track of the progress of ongoing projects.

Best Features

  • Production and optimization of content
  • AI writing support
  • Automated workflows and customised workflows

Current Limitation

Although the platform is still quite young, there could be more functionality.

Capabilities for integration could be improved


In Narrato, there are four options:

Pro ($8 per user/month; billed annually), Business ($18 per user/month; billed yearly), and Custom are the available subscription plans (contact for pricing)

“Narrato includes intriguing features, such as content calendars and Kanban boards, an SEO content brief generator, and more, making it a highly exciting and emerging tool to take into consideration.

You receive a tonne of value for your money.

– Pooja Seshadri, Narrato’s Marketing Associate

7. SmartTask


With the help of the project management application Smarttask, teams and project managers may track deals, budgets, deals in progress, and more.

It is well renowned for its team monitoring, task management, project management, and customer relationship management capabilities.

Best Features

  • Repeated tasks
  • Automatic check-in functionality
  • It is simple to create tasks from emails thanks to email integration.

Current Limitation

  • There is no language support.
  • Features for time tracking and user interface might be improved.


  • Free, Premium ($5 per user/month; billed yearly), Business ($8 per user/month; billed annually), and Enterprise are the four tiers that Smarttask offers (contact for pricing)
  • In comparison to most other programmes, Smarttask is much simpler to use.
  • Its automated scheduling and check-in features are also among my favourites.
  • Use the task planner and scheduler on a regular basis is my insider advice.
  • It increases my productivity and aids in my commitment to my timetable.

8. Airtable


Data organisation and collaboration are the main goals of the relationship database and project management tool Airtable. This is another asana alternatives.

Data is organised and structured using a spreadsheet format, teams can monitor workflow and automate procedures, associations can be created, and records from different tables may be linked.

Best Features

Timeline, Kanban, Gantt, Calendar, and Grid View are actionable views. Single to multi-sequence workflow automation is also available.

Strong API with built-in support for well-known apps

Current Limitation

  • Paid plans are expensive.
  • Improved user interface is possible.
  • Filtering systems can be challenging in challenging circumstances.


Free, Plus ($10 per seat/month; billed yearly), Pro ($20 per seat/month; billed annually), and Enterprise are the four pricing tiers offered by Airtable (contact for pricing)

9. Proofhub


Another effective project management tool is ProofHub, which facilitates team planning, organisation, collaboration, and project execution in a single spot.

To assist teams in managing activities more efficiently, users get access to unlimited task assignments, an in-app time tracker, a chat feature, and other productivity tools.

Additionally, it provides a flat-rate price structure, which lowers its cost compared to Asana’s per-user pricing structure.

Best Features

  • Project managers and team leaders may manage projects successfully and efficiently thanks to an intuitive interface.
  • Detailed reports to monitor your actions and time
  • Conversations and integrated chat to work with your team

Current Limitation

Not being able to control email notifications

Because of the mobile app’s limitations, working on the go is challenging.


The two pricing tiers offered by ProofHub are Essential (which starts at $45 per month) and Ultimate Control (which starts at $89 per month).

The tool has a wide range of effective features and is simple to use and master.

It is scalable and adjusts to the needs of your expanding business.

The default Kanban workflow is the best choice, while you can add more stages to design a unique workflow.

– Vartika Kashyap, ProofHub’s CMO

10. Resource Guru

Resource Guru

For teams who wish to concentrate on managing resources rather than activities, Resource Guru is a reputable resource tracking and management tool. This is another asana alternatives.

This application gives you information about your team’s development and aids in preventing any problems with deadlines for other projects.

Best Features

  • It is simple to transfer resources to prevent having several due dates coincide.
  • Real-time reports to track the effectiveness of the team
  • Everyone on the team receives daily emails outlining future tasks and meetings.

Current Limitation

Real-time logging button is absent.

Finding older client reservations can be challenging.

Price: $2.50 per person per month for the Grasshopper Plan, $4.16 per person per month for the Blackbelt Plan, and $6.65 per person per month for the Master Plan, Resource Guru offers three plans.

Tim to Try a Better, More Modern workflow solution

This is your blinking neon flag if you’re unimpressed with Asana’s features and capabilities and require a better, more up-to-date, and scalable alternative.

Review each of the Asana alternatives carefully to choose the one that best meets your needs. Each alternative has its own benefits and disadvantages.

And check out ClickUp if you’re searching for a cheap and dependable agile project management application that can accomplish all Asana can and more.

Every project manager and team member may use its wealth of features and ability to be customised to get the work done effectively.

Additionally, it includes strong third party integration capabilities that will help you streamline your workflow and gather all of your work in one convenient location.


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