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Does PS5 Have a Web Browser OR Not?

does ps5 have a web browser

PS5 have a browser or not will be discussed in this article. The PS5 is a superb gadget. It is well-liked, dependable, and attractive. Users still have questions even if it launched in November 2020. Does the PS5 have a web browser, for instance?

The newest PlayStation can play in 4K or give you rewards in 1080P at 120FPS. It enables you to watch, play online, voice-chat with friends, and purchase and download games via its user interface.

Additionally, it can download apps and streaming services, as well as play various types of media. On the device, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, and everything else you can think of play and look great.

And despite all of its features, it lacks a complete web browser. To be more exact, it has a poor built-in web browser; you must find a workaround to effectively use the internet.

Does PS5 Have a Web Browser OR Not?

In this article, you can know about Does PS5 Have a Web Browser OR Not? here are the details below;

The newest PlayStation from Sony features a built-in browser that can access the web, but it has only a few uses. Additionally, you won’t be able to recognise it as a different programme and must use particular tactics to locate it.

In contrast to what the PS4 and Xbox One offer and the Edge browser, this is a hidden browser. In particular, the PS5’s option is a gimmick that you can activate in a number of ways.

This covert programme lets you browse the web and read text. It won’t function properly if you try to play a web browser game or stream music or video.

Even worse, there is no address bar on the browser, making it impossible to manually type in the URL. Similar to that, it doesn’t support VPNs, bookmarks, favourites, collections, or other browser functions.

It’s challenging to navigate, and we’re not sure if it’s worthwhile. Nevertheless, we’ll walk you through using it. Therefore, the PS5 lacks a feature-rich browser. It’s more akin to a hack, a delightful feature that’s been concealed from view that you’re not supposed to find.

Sadly, there are no official or third-party browsers available for download from the PlayStation Store. You have no other choice for PS5.

We can now explain the purpose of a hidden browser if you’re still unclear. It is required by the PS5 in order to give you access to functions like customer care and similar ones on the Sony PlayStation website. But all it really needed was a basic browser, and that’s what this is.

How do Access the PS5 Web Browser?

Sony might eventually create a full-featured browser for the PS5 that you can use from its home page. Even though older devices had it, it is not now.

In order to utilise the secret PS5 browser, you must pass through a few little hoops. Nevertheless, there are other ways to access the browser.

Every approach aims to get you to a search engine. This is due to the lack of an address bar in the PS5 browser, thus we will have to rely on the search fields provided by the engine.

Initial Step: Enable Cookies and JavaScript

Surprisingly, the PS5 contains a menu for the web browser. We must locate the hidden browser and turn on two crucial features in order to use it.

  1. Access the PS5’s dashboard.
  2. Access Settings.
  3. Select System.


  1. Launch a web browser.
  2. Verify that Allow Cookies and JavaScript are enabled.

It’s time to use the PS5 browser now that cookies and JavaScript have been enabled.

Access the PS5 Browser by Sending a Message

Sending a link as a message to a friend or a different account is the initial way to access a browser.

But since you can’t send messages without a PSN account, this won’t function. In other words, if you have a subscription, the process will be significantly simpler.

These are the actions:

  1. Access the home screen of the PS5.
  2. Press the PS5 button on the controller.

Press the controller’s PS5 button.

  • go to game base.

Go to Game Base.

4.Choose Create a New Message in step

Go to Game Base.

  1. Click Find a player, then pick a friend.
  2. Include a link in your message. Sending a search engine link, such as “Google.com,” is advised.
  3. Choose the link.
  4. Clicking the link launches a search engine. As you can see, there is no Address bar; nevertheless, you can navigate using the Search bar.

Any time within the same chat, you can choose the same link. The concealed browser will always be displayed.

Access the PS5 Browser via the User’s Guide

There is a backup way if you don’t have a PSN account or your console is out of date. You need to go to the User’s Guide page and then click a lot of links until you find one that takes you away from the PlayStation universe.

We must specifically locate the Twitter connection. Fortunately, I have detailed procedures. The procedures might be different for you, though, as PlayStation might change the page.

If so, click on many links until you discover one that leads to Twitter or another social network. Additionally, accessing the Google search engine will be simpler once you’re on another social media platform.

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Open the User’s Manual.
  3. Choose User’s Manual.
  4. A browser will launch so you may view the User’s Guide page. To leave the page, you’ll have to click a number of links.
  5. Press the PlayStation.com/help link.
  6. Select Refunds and PS Store.
  7. Select Buy Now & PS Store.
  8. Pick one of the questions listed below.
  9. Click the “Contact PlayStation Support” button at the bottom of the page.
  10. Select PlayStation Network and Connectivity.
  11. At the bottom, click Twitter.
  12. Once on Twitter, select “Sign up with Google.
  13. Click Help or Privacy.
  14. Click Google in the header.
  15. You’ve finally arrived at the Google search page.

As I said, the steps can be different for you, but if you find a social networking button, there’s always a way to get to Google. The button might be located on a page for the PS Network Status, the main page for PlayStation, Sony, or something similar.

Additionally, using the methods I described above, you may always access the Google Search Engine if you come across a social media button.

Access Via Twitter

Access Via Twitter

The aforementioned procedure is condensed into the third stage. On the PS5, we’re locating the Twitter button, and from there, we’re utilising Twitter to visit Google.

  1. Access Settings.

Go to Users and Accounts in step two.

  1. Navigate to Other Services Link.
  2. Decide on Twitter.
  3. Pick Link account in step.
  4. At this moment, avoid logging in. As an alternative, select the Twitter button at the top.
  5. Click the Twitter controller at the top of this page if you see it.
  6. After logging into Twitter, select “Sign up with Google.”
  7. Click on Help or Privacy.
  8. Go to the top and click Google.
  9. Click the link at the bottom if it doesn’t take you to Google.

Twelve. Click “I Agree.”

  1. You’ve finally arrived at the Google search page.

As an alternative, you can log into Twitter and visit any external link in a tweet by first logging in.



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