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Top 11 Etsy SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach And Sell More Products

Etsy SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach  will be described in this article. Do you know about Etsy SEO? You probably already know that Etsy’s search bar is located right at the canopy of the website’s layout, but did you realize that it’s connected to an algorithm that affects how highly your product listings rank?

Top 11 Etsy SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach And Sell More Products

In this article, you can know about Top 11 Etsy SEO Tips To Increase Your Reach And Sell More Products here are the details below;

In this article, we define Etsy SEO, explain how Etsy search functions, and offer some search engine optimization advice that you can use to your own Etsy store.

Starting at the top of this list, let’s move down it.

What is Etsy SEO?

What is Etsy SEO

When it comes to the internal search algorithm of the e-commerce platform, Etsy SEO is search engine optimization.

Customers of Etsy have a few options for searching for things on the marketplace, whether they’re using the app or website.

They consist of looking through categories and the homepage. If they are logged in, they can even see product recommendations.

But the majority of customers go to the Etsy search box when they have specific needs.

How Etsy search works

Etsy has its own internal search engine to make discovering the things you desire much easier, much like every other e-commerce site worth its salt.

On the site, there are tens of millions of products and over 7.5 million active vendors.

Buyers require a productive method for sorting through this chaos.

As a seller, it is your responsibility to grasp Etsy SEO well enough to show up in search results for terms associated with your shop and products.

How Customers use search on Etsy

How Customers use search on Etsy

Like most search engines (including Google), Etsy’s search engine functions similarly to Google. The best search results for the keywords you type are its main goal.

The algorithm’s goal is to provide customers with relevant search results, to put it briefly. Yet how does it accomplish this? Search matching and relevance.

There are multiple uses for product names, descriptions, listings, tags, attributes, and categories.

More crucially, they aid Etsy’s search engine in more effectively matching search results to client inquiries. They enable sellers to structure products.

This aids the search algorithm in returning products that are pertinent to search criteria.

Search results for etsy

This merely describes a portion of the operation of the Etsy search engine. On Etsy, search results don’t just randomly list pertinent things.

Behind the scenes, a ranking algorithm determines which products to list first and what order to list the other products in.

Here are the main ranking criteria used by Etsy. All of them are crucial for Etsy SEO:

Relevancy: How effectively a customer’s search query matches your tags, titles, attributes, and categories. Search results give better rankings to exact matches.

How successfully your product listings convert is measured by the listing quality score. Etsy is interested in how many customers view your product compared to how many actually purchase it. The more additional points you have, the higher you appear in search results.

Recency: As a tool to measure how customers feel about new listings, Etsy increases their search rankings. This increase can persist for a few hours or several days. Boosts are also granted to renewed listings, though they are significantly less.

Customer and Market Experience Score – A score that adds together all of your comments, both good and bad. Customer feedback, whether or not your shop page policies are put up, a completed About section, complaints about your Etsy shop, and instances of intellectual property infringement infractions are all factors that might affect your score.

Shipping costs – Search results give preference to listings with free shipping or that can be downloaded digitally. This is because, according to a survey performed by Etsy, 50% of customers said they would be less likely to buy something if the shipping cost was a bit higher than usual.

Translations & Language – Etsy automatically translates your titles and tags. Even said, adding your own translations will increase your probabilities of appearing higher in search results because they frequently outperform the platform’s automatic translations.

Customer Preferences – Etsy customizes search results for each unique customer. As a result, if Buyer B types in the same search term as Buyer A and searches for “soy candles,” they will receive different results. The platform advises using the analytics it offers to determine what consumers are looking for to find your top and least-viewed listings in order to optimize this area of Etsy SEO. You can improve underperforming listings by doing this.

Let’s take a look at how Etsy search functions from the standpoint of the consumer before we get into our list of Etsy SEO tips. “Soy candles” will be used as an illustration.

Before even beginning to browse, a customer might narrow their search in a few distinct ways.

First, Etsy offers a list of related alternative keywords you might use. Several soy candle searches turned up the following ones:

  • homemade soy candles
  • Jar candles made with soy
  • soy wax candles
  • set of soy candles
  • flowers and soy candles
  • bulk soy candles
  • Each one reflects a relevant search term that customers have entered.
  • Related search terms for Etsy

Below this column of terms, there are three more options for customers to sort and filter Etsy search results:

When a customer placing an order today can anticipate receiving their item. Five alternatives are available to buyers: any time, three upcoming dates, a custom date, and any time.

Sorting options include relevance, lowest price, highest price, most recent, and customer reviews for Etsy search results.

Estimated Arrival and Sort by are two examples of filters, but they also include filters that are customized to a given query. Wax Type, Occasion, Color, and Scent were filters available for soy candles.

filter options for etsy

As we go through our list, keep this all in mind.

11 ways for using SEO on Etsy to stand out on the site

1. Offer desirable, in-demand products

Make a list of every item in your Etsy shop or every item you intend to sell.

Consider how you could transform the item into a single major keyword, like “sun dress.”

Last but not least, enter this phrase into Etsy’s search box to see what results appear.

The number of results that appear and the amount of reviews each listing has received are the things you’re looking for. This is another etsy seo tips.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the “Popular now” and “Bestseller” marks.

Results for “etsy sundress”

You may assess how attractive the goods you intend to sell are by taking into account all of these factors together. A keyword is more in demand the more results and bestselling listings there are for it.

You’re probably looking at an oversaturated niche if that number is too high, like tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of results. Finding success in a field that is oversaturated with competition can be just as challenging as doing so in one that is underutilized. Also check Apps Like Powtoon 

The popularity of a product can also be ascertained using keyword research; however, we’ll cover that in tip #3.

2. Choose a searchable shop title

Choose a searchable shop title

We didn’t talk about a suggestion that appears when customers utilize the search bar earlier.

This selection reads, “Find shop names containing ‘keyword’.”

etsy suggested searches

When a customer clicks on it, Etsy stores relevant to their query are displayed.

shop names on etsy

In order to make your business more searchable, you might wish to identify your specialization and give it a name, even if it’s not strictly necessary. This is another etsy seo tips.

3. Use keywords in product titles

According to the help documentation on Etsy, exact matches appear higher in search results. It is therefore better if you use the top term that your intended customer uses to find your product.

Jot down a few keyword suggestions for your goods and enter them into Etsy’s search bar to quickly locate the best term.

Using an Etsy keyword research tool is a more effective technique to find keywords to use on the website.

eRank is one such instrument.

website for erank

You can at least view a keyword’s search traffic, popular tags, typical price ranges, and ideas for long-tail keywords using eRank.

The most that eRank’s Etsy SEO tools can do is audit your listings, notify you when they have changed, let you create keyword lists for simple tracking, assist you in doing competitive evaluations against other Etsy merchants, and keep you informed about the hottest keywords.

But for now, let’s stick with keyword research.

How to use eRank for keyword research

When you first log in, you’ll see the Trend Buzz list, which is a summary of the top 100 terms that customers looked for in the previous week. A list of yesterday’s top Etsy sellers is located next to this.

buzz erank trend

Returning to the tool’s top, use the search bar to input your keyword.

For your search, eRank will produce the following keyword statistics:

Based on data from the prior 12 months, the average (Avg) number of searches per month.

Average clicks: The average number of clicks made over the course of a year.

Average click-through rate (CTR) – Ratio of clicks to searches based on data collected over a 12-month period.

Number of results and a color-coded indicator of how challenging it is to rank for the term make up the competition. Easy is denoted by green, possible by orange, and challenging by red.

data from erank keywords

The information will show you how popular your suggested keywords are as well as how challenging it is to rank for them.

Related keywords for the query you typed are included beneath the section on keyword statistics. This is another etsy seo tips.

associated keywords to erank

The character count, Etsy competition, and a yes/no/possibly response as to whether or not the phrase qualifies as a long-tail keyword are all included in this data. For access to more data, you must upgrade.

Another keyword tool offered by eRank is called simply “Keyword Tool.”

tool erank for keywords

In addition to the information provided above, this tool provides a ton additional information about your keyword:

  • Listings are examined
  • average cost
  • heart average
  • overall perspectives
  • median views
  • daily and weekly average views
  • most widely used tags
  • best-performing groups
  • Words to use
  • keywords for erank

The way you find keywords for your Etsy listings will alter as a result of using eRank, a straightforward program.

4. Do not use the same title for multiple products

Product attributes are used by e-commerce platforms like Etsy for a purpose. They spare retailers the hassle of making multiple listings for the same item. This is another etsy seo tips. Also check capacity planning tools

You don’t need to make separate listings for a yellow and a red sundress if you sell both of them. You just need to add “yellow” and “red” as characteristics to one “Sun Dress” listing.

On the listing page itself, customers can choose the color they want to buy.

etsy product characteristics

To prevent using the same title for many products, use product attributes rather than making multiple listings for the same item.

Find a means to give each listing a new product name if you generate two of the same item with enough visual variation to require separate listings.

Let’s take a potter who makes two types of ceramic bowls as an illustration. Although they are both porcelain bowls, their designs are too dissimilar to be listed together.

The potter should give each bowl a distinct name based on its design or purpose rather than making two entries that simply read “ceramic bowl”:

  • cereal dish
  • noodle bowl
  • ornamental bowl
  • salad plate
  • eating vessel
  • Shod bowl

You don’t want your own listings to compete with one another, which is referred to as “keyword cannibalization” outside of Etsy SEO.

Instead, focus on a different term for each listing.

5. Optimize product descriptions for search

Optimize product descriptions for search

In the product description of your listing, include your target keyword. Attempt to add relevant keywords as well. This is another etsy seo tips.

Use a natural voice. Write your description in full, understandable sentences while naturally including your keywords.

6. Use tags strategically

There is a tag section in each Etsy listing. You can use these adjectives and adverbs to describe your listing’s color, style, shape, function, etc.

Although they are optional, completing them can significantly raise the search ranking of your goods. This is so that Etsy’s search algorithm can assess the relevance of your products for various keywords.

Use every one of Etsy’s 13 tags. Use long-tail phrases for tags, exactly like you would for keywords.

etsy item tags

Add tags for hues, purposes, shapes, fashion, synonyms, and regional terms.

Don’t worry about making tags for your keywords’ plural forms. Etsy examines the keyword’s root. This implies that listings with just the word “dress” will still turn up when customers search for “dresses.”

Regional slang should be available on Etsy in the language you are targeting. For instance, to appeal to British consumers, add the word “crisp bowl” to a listing for a chip bowl.

Finally, each listing’s tags should be distinctive.

7. Add keyword to the beginning of each field

If you’ve used Yoast and other comparable SEO plugins, you’re aware of the importance of including your keyword and SEO title at the beginning of a blog entry.

It also applies to Etsy SEO.

Product information from etsy

By beginning your product’s title and description with your keyword, you can improve how effectively the platform’s algorithm matches your product to a customer’s search query.

Even though it’s not going to be the decisive factor in whether you rank or not, it does keep your listings competitive. This is another etsy seo tips.

8. Renew listings to provide a temporary boost

According to Etsy’s support documentation, adding new listings and updating existing ones will temporarily improve your position in search results.

To benefit from this increase, it is advised that you develop the practice of renewing your listings on a semi-regular basis.

But bear in mind that Etsy cautions against using this technique as a successful Etsy SEO approach.

They advise putting more effort towards raising conversion rates and tag optimization.

Go to Shop Manager > Listings to renew your listings.

9. Name your shop section accordingly

You can categorize your products into sections in your shop. Although they are optional, they facilitate customers’ browsing of your store.

By navigating to Shop Manager > Listings > Manage > Add Section, you can create sections.

There is a section called “All Items” in every shop by default, but you can add 20 more.

It’s crucial to pick your sections carefully because you can only add a listing to one.

Your section names should be based on main keywords. This may be “ceramic bowls,” “coffee mugs,” “dinner plates,” etc. if you are a potter.

As you can see, your divisions need to allow you to categorize your goods into distinct groups. The goal should be to limit each product to one category.

For instance, adding your ramen bowl product listing to the “Coffee Mugs” section wouldn’t make sense.

10. Consider external search engines

Consider external search engines

Listings from Etsy do show up in standard search results, particularly Google Search.

Google results for “handmade bowl”

It could be worthwhile to conduct routine keyword research to see if you can identify Google and Etsy-relevant keywords.

Excellent keyword research tools include SE Ranking, KWFinder, and Semrush.

11. Build backlinks for your Etsy store and listings

Building backlinks for your shop is another technique to enhance its visibility in search engines other than Etsy.

This will essentially entail linking to your Etsy shop from your blog and social media sites. This will entail using blogger outreach at a more advanced level to get other artists to link to your business. This is another etsy seo tips.

However, don’t stop there.

Think about paying for sponsorship spots on blogs and influencers, or consider sending them a press release package full of your products.

They’ll either develop specific material for your product or include it in one of their videos or blog pieces.

In either case, linking from other websites will aid in increasing the number of backlinks to your Etsy store and product pages.

In Adam’s essay on link building statistics, you can read more about link building.

Final thoughts

It’s simple to learn Etsy SEO. A few minor adjustments here and there can significantly alter how your listings show up in search results.

The two most important lessons to learn from this list should be to provide desirable products and to pick your keywords wisely.

You may assist with both using a tool like eRank. Keyword research tools designed for Etsy help you pick out products that are in demand and non-competitive.

They also assist you in selecting the most effective keywords for product listings.

Keep in mind that Etsy does take reviews and customer complaints into consideration.

This means that, above all, you should be doing everything you can to ensure you offer the best products around as well as great customer service.


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