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How To Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working

How to Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working will be described in this article. You’ve come to the right page if your Firestick remote isn’t working or pairing. I was using my FireStick device one night to watch one of my favourite movies. When I made the decision to take a little break and grab a drink from the refrigerator, the movie was almost halfway done.

To pause the video, I held release the Fire Stick remote to the TV, but nothing happened. I kept pushing the buttons, but the gadget wouldn’t respond, and the movie just kept playing. In the hopes that a reboot would fix the issue, I unplugged the power source.

How To Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working

In this article, you can know about How To Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working

The remote was inoperable even if FireStick restarted normally. It took me a few more seconds to notice that the Fire Stick remote was malfunctioning. You should get your Amazon Fire Stick remote serviced if you’ve experienced similar issues and it’s not working.

So, let’s have a look at the many causes and the remedies I’ve found. Working FireStick Remote I’ve included the typical causes of problems with the FireStick, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Cube remote. I’m confident your remote will start working again if you go through each one one at a time.

1. Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

The Amazon Fire Stick Remote is a particularly power-hungry gadget.

I can tell with confidence that if the remote isn’t working, there is a very good possibility that the batteries have run out of power after using FireStick for a while and experiencing the battery draining issues more than a few times. Also check How To Hire Employees

Without warning, the battery runs out of power.

I’d bet on the battery if your Fire Stick remote suddenly stopped working (annoyingly in the center of the night when you don’t even have any extra batteries).

Sincerily, I have no idea why the remote uses so many batteries.

On occasion, the battery dies after only a few weeks.

Alexa, voice recognition, and voice command technology are all used by the Fire Stick remote.

Some people might want to blame Alexa for this.

The remote isn’t really always listening, though.

The Alexa button on the remote must be depressed in order for it to begin listening.

Regardless of the causes, using high-quality alkaline batteries and keeping more on hand is the only likely remedy.

The longest-lasting batteries for your Fire Stick remote are by far alkaline batteries.

But don’t simply purchase any alkaline.

Purchase the branded item from a reputable seller.

If I hadn’t had an issue with my own rechargeable alkaline battery a week earlier, I might have even suggested it.

A white substance descended on the connector after one of the remote batteries broke out.

Before I scraped the white substance off, not even the brand-new battery would turn on.

Please excuse my scepticism regarding rechargeable batteries.

This takes me to my next point, which is that it would be a fine idea to remove the batteries and check the connectors for any leftover deposits from the battery leaks.

Your Fire Stick remote might start working again after being cleaned.

There is also something more I almost forgot to mention.

Most likely, you are already aware that batteries have “+” (plus) and “-” (minus) ends.

The + and – sides are also present on the connectors within the battery compartment.

The connector’s + terminal and the battery’s + side should line up (and the minuses will automatically get aligned).

I misplaced the batteries, which caused me to spend some time having trouble with the remote.

Continue reading for more solutions if your Amazon Fire Stick remote is still not working after replacing the batteries and cleaning the battery connectors.

2. Did You Pair the FireStick Remote Already?

Did You Pair the FireStick Remote Already

Usually, the FireStick remote that comes with the device is already paired.

You will need to couple it automatically if it isn’t already.

It’s also possible that your new or replacement FireStick remote isn’t properly paired if it isn’t operating.

Pairing is easy to do.

The steps are listed below.

Connect your FireStick to your TV’s HDMI port.

Turn on both your TV and FireStick.

Hold down the “Home” button on the small for at least 10 seconds after the FireStick boots up.

The Amazon FireStick remote will now be paired and should function.

Press & hold the residence button for 10 to 20 seconds more if it still won’t pair.

Users frequently needed to go through the process more than once to get a good match.

Remote for an Amazon Fire Stick

The remote controllers are among the seven Bluetooth devices that FireStick can be linked to.

You will need to unplug at least one device if you have already connected seven.

Here’s how to go about it:

On the FireStick home screen, click Settings.

On the top menu bar, there is a setting choice.

On the following screen, click Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

The list of all connected devices will appear.

Simply select the device you want to unpair and adhere to the onscreen directions.

Please remember to try again if the remote doesn’t successfully pair with your FireStick device the first time.

Usually, it connects on the first try, but occasionally, it could take two or three.

You must try the third option for resetting and fixing the remote if the problem still doesn’t go away.

For many users, it has been effective.

3. FireStick Buttons Not working

FireStick Buttons Not working

When the remote and your FireStick device have not been correctly linked, the buttons frequently become inoperable.

To re-pair the remote, press & hold the Home button for at least 10 seconds.

The steps to reset your remote and couple it with FireStick again are as follows:

The actions that follow DO NOT restore your FireStick to its factory default settings.

Your remote will just be reset, unpaired, and paired with FireStick once more. Also check Apps Like Adobe Acrobat

  1. Cut off your FireStick’s power supply (either open the adapter from the power outlet or from the FireStick machine)
  2. Next, press and hold each of the following buttons for a minimum of 20 seconds:

Back, Menu, and the leftmost portion of the navigation ring.

Buttons on the firestick remote not working

  1. Remove the FireStick remote’s batteries.
  2. After turning on your FireStick, wait until your TV displays the home screen.
  3. Reinstall the batteries in your FireStick remote control.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes.
  5. You need to have already paired your FireStick remote.

Hold down the Home button for at least 10 seconds if it hasn’t paired.

4. Is Your Fire Stick Remote Compatible?

Not for people who are having problems with their out-of-the-box remote, this query.

I’m referring to the separate remote purchases.

A wide variety of internal and external remote controls are compatible with FireStick and Fire TV devices.

Game controllers from Amazon and other companies are also supported by FireStick and can be used to operate the device.

Any legitimate Amazon product that expressly mentions that it is compatible with FireStick will function with your gadget.

But before you spend your money on a third-party remote or gaming controller, be sure it is compatible with the Fire TV or FireStick device.

There are certain remote remotes that are identical in layout and design.

These products are simple to pass off as authentic, but they eventually stop working.

Verify the legitimacy of the vendor before purchasing an Amazon Fire Stick remote.

5. Is Your Firestick Remote Damaged?

Is Your Firestick Remote Damaged

It may be time to examine the possibility that the remote is damaged if you have the original product, new batteries, and have tried all other alternatives.

If so, your only choice is to purchase a replacement remote.

The good news is that replacement remotes are reasonably priced.

For about $10, you may purchase them.

Look it up on Amazon now.

There are lots of possibilities available.

Additionally, you might come across a specialised remote with extra, specific buttons for Netflix and other apps.

Volume control can be found on several remotes.

Keep in mind that not all custom remotes come from Amazon.

Purchase the item with a high rating (at least 4) and favourable comments.

6. Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Your Backup

Amazon Fire TV Remote App - Your Backup

Does the remote control for your Amazon Fire TV not yet function?

Or perhaps you simply ran out of batteries at midnight and don’t have any backups.

Your FireStick device need not become unusable as a result of this.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote App is still an option for controlling the gadget.

Amazon Firestick remote not functioning

With the help of this app, you can control FireStick on your smartphone just like you would a real remote remote. Also check Klaviyo Alternatives

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Establish the app on your FireStick or Fire TV after downloading it.

Just make sure your FireStick device and smartphone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

7. Other Generic Solutions

There are more factors that could result in remote problems.

Although these are typically unlikely, it would be wrong of me to leave them included.

One thing to think about is how far the Amazon Fire Stick remote is from the object.

When it is within 10 feet of the device, the remote operates effectively.

Bring the remote closer to the TV so that it is inside the range if you have a big room or hallway.

Instead than using infrared light, the FireStick remote connects to the gadget using Bluetooth.

This implies that line of sight between the FireStick and remote is not necessary.

However, having the gadget enclosed or in a cabinet may prevent the signals from passing through.

To determine if that was the issue, it will be wise to bring it up in the open.

Aim to keep as few electrical items as possible close to your FireStick in order to avoid signal interference.

Attention, FireStick users!

Your online activity is always being monitored by governments and ISPs, so using your Fire TV Stick to view copyrighted content could get you into some big legal trouble.

Your IP address,, is currently public knowledge.

I firmly advise purchasing the finest FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and enjoy your preferred content safely.

I personally use ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and safest VPN on the market.

It not only has a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and is simple to install on any device.

Additionally, a refund is always available if you’re not completely happy.

Additionally, ExpressVPN is presently giving away an astounding 3 extra months on their annual plan!

Here are some justifications on why you should always be using a VPN.


The batteries have always been the root of all my Fire Stick remote issues to date.

The remote quickly depletes the battery, which I don’t like.

I therefore always have extras on hand.

As a backup, I’ve downloaded the Amazon Fire TV Remote app on my phone.

I’ve made an effort to cover all the potential causes of your remote difficulties in this article, as well as all the potential fixes.

Please share any new or unique experiences you have with us in the comments box below if you have any.

I appreciate you reading.


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