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Top 12 Official Formstack Alternatives In 2023

Best And Official Formstack Alternatives will be described in this article. You should look into all of the available alternatives in the industry before making any software tool investments for your company. You can determine whether investing in the tool is worthwhile or whether there are better possibilities by looking at several alternatives.

All software programmes, including Formstack, fall under this category. Over 25,000 businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 corporations, rely on the well-known and dependable platform Formstack. Users may create forms, handle documents, use e-signature technology, automate processes, and much more with the aid of this all-in-one solution.

Even if Formstack is among the best in the industry, it doesn’t hurt to consider other alternatives for perspective. Read this post to get all the answers you’ve been seeking for so far, whether you want to compare Formstack alternatives’ costs and features or just want a general understanding of them.

Top 12 Best And Official Formstack Alternatives In 2023

Top 12 Best And Official Formstack Alternatives are explained here.

1. nTask


nTask is the greatest choice out of all when it comes to rapid and effective working with financial returns.

It is an advanced project management application with some of the newest, most potent features.

For various management procedures, the tool includes seven separate management modules.

nTask just debuted nTask Forms as a new functionality in addition to these modules.

This particularly created tool is made to assist users in creating forms, storing them, and analysing them.

It produces information in the shape of aesthetically pleasing graphs and charts that are simpler to comprehend and provide useful insights.

You may simply construct custom forms with its simple drag-and-drop functionality thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Customization options allow you to give your forms a distinctive look.

Using the link produced by nTask, you can share forms with respondents after you’ve prepared them.

Additionally, it enables you to process feedback and add it to your workflow.

Additionally, nTask provides integration with a number of different tools, which is useful when constructing forms and answers.

nTask is a relatively straightforward platform that offers extensive functionality to over 250,000 enterprises globally. Also check ways To Remove Buffering On Smart TV

With nTask, there is also a minimal learning curve.

In terms of pricing schemes, nTask leads the pack thanks to its competitive price.

The Basic package is free, while the premium plans start at $3 per user per month. It has four different pricing tiers.

nTask is superior than the $50 monthly starter pack offered by Formstack.

2. Jotform


One of the most dependable Formstack alternatives is probably Jotform.

More than 15 million users worldwide have come to trust the tool, which has been in use for a while.

Due to the popularity of both technologies, there is an ongoing argument between Formstack and Jotform.

Jotform asserts to be a superior option to Formstack, offering top-notch security to guarantee the safety and protection of your data.

It provides conditional logic, which makes it easier to receive the proper answers by asking the right questions.

Users can quickly select the template of their choosing from among the 10,000+ available, tweak it, or use it as-is, and get to work right away.

All of Jotform’s forms are responsive to mobile devices, and you can download the app to create forms and get replies without an internet connection.

Users can also add approvers to the process to keep it streamlined.

Last but not least, Jotform offers more than 100 strong integrations with other applications, like Formstack, so you may have a hassle-free experience.

3. TypeForm


Another excellent alternative to Formstack is Typeform.

The user-friendly interface and other design aspects of TypeForm are well known.

Its simple forms adapt to any platform, whether a PC or a smartphone, with ease.

The tool’s built-in photo and video libraries, extensive selection of templates, and more interesting forms and surveys are some of its most promising aspects.

Additionally, as TypeForm is code-free, you do not need any previous expertise or experience with coding.

It is simple to embed, so you can start producing forms right away.

The engaging and pleasant nature of the forms and surveys you build is ensured by TypeForm.

This will produce more precise and meaningful findings.

Formstack and Typeform both have appealing and user-friendly designs, but Typeform is the better choice.

Pricing-wise, TypeForm is less expensive than Formstack, offering free and three-tiered options with monthly prices beginning at $25.

4. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms Zoho offers a variety of management tools at one location to support various company sectors.

Another of its products, Zoho Forms, enables companies to design forms, distribute them, receive submissions and warnings in real-time, and manage data effectively.

Users can easily design their own forms with over 30 different field kinds, editable themes, and specialised templates using drag-and-drop.

Additionally, it enables you to embed forms into your website so that users may fill them out immediately. Also check Party Board Games For Families

One of the most popular tools for developing forms, it offers real-time notifications, UTM monitoring, optimal analysis, and easy integration with other apps.

Additionally, Zoho Forms forms may be shared through email or a link and are mobile-friendly.

Basic, Standard, Professional, and Premium rates for Zoho are $10, $25, $50, and $90, respectively.

The free version of Zoho Forms offers users 3 forms, unlimited reports, 500 submissions per month, 10 payments, 200 MB of file storage, etc.

5. Google Forms

Google Forms

People all across the world adore Google and the countless tools it provides.

Its entire toolkit is meant to assist teams and individuals in streamlining tasks and increasing productivity.

Another tool that enables users to design unique surveys, distribute them online, and track replies in real time is Google Forms.

It’s as simple as ABC to create forms and surveys using Google’s user-friendly interface.

It has a drag-and-drop function, a variety of question types, and values that are adjustable.

Additionally, by using unique fonts, colours, and other design elements, you may customise your forms to match the brand of your company.

One of the tool’s greatest benefits is its ability to adapt to any platform, whether a PC, laptop, or mobile, making it simpler for responders to complete and submit the form while on the go.

The biggest significant difference between Formstack and Google Forms is that Google Forms is free. As such, if you’re looking for the best Formstack free alternatives, Google Forms is the way to go.

6. Qualaroo


Customer and user feedback software is called Qualaroo.

It ensures that responders actively engage with the form and have fun doing so because to its gorgeous and eye-catching aesthetics.

In order to avoid interfering with visitors’ experiences, Qualaroo collects data from websites, mobile apps, etc.

You can evaluate data in real time thanks to its Sentiment analysis and easy reporting.

Because Qualaroo’s surveys ask the correct questions at the right time, they are ten times better than surveys sent through email.

In-context survey responses offer more useful, actionable insights.

7. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is most likely the most well-known survey application available.

It is an online form builder tool that supports users in the creation of forms and surveys, the collection of responses, and the analysis of the data gathered to aid in future decision-making.

Users can design unique forms and surveys that are tailored to their needs thanks to its simple solutions.

Real-time response analysis, complicated question creation, and bespoke logo usage are all possible without code.

You can sign up for SurveyMonkey’s free Basic plan (which is always free) or one of their paid packages (which include advanced capabilities) for a reasonable price.

8. SurveySparrow


Sparrow SurveySparrow is yet another excellent Formstack substitute.

The poor completion rate is one of the main obstacles to conducting surveys or obtaining form submissions.

Monotone surveys are boring, and respondents may not react as enthusiastically as the author would like.

Enter SurveySparrow here.

The all-in-one functionality of the Omnichannel Experience Management Platform increases the survey/form completion rate.

With more dynamic and engaging surveys and forms, it improves the user experience in order to achieve this.

The tool offers a 14-day, no-obligation free trial period for new users to acquire a feel for it before officially joining up for it.

SurveySparrow costs more than average for teams, with the entry-level package starting at $99 per month.

However, individual users can register for a free plan at no cost.

9. Wufoo


A cloud-based application called an online form builder enables users to make various forms as and when they’re required.

The tool is one of the best form builder tools ever created and is currently used by more than 3 million people globally.

Another good substitute for Formstack is Wufoo.

The data you acquire from responses can be used or exported to spreadsheets to create unique reports.

On the tool, users can construct forms without knowing any code.

It also offers ways to receive money online.

Wufoo is a platform specifically for creating forms.

It offers dozens of templates that you may select from and modify to suit your needs.

In order to boost productivity across channels and streamline workflow, Wufoo also has automation options. Also check Save Money On Car Rental

To ensure that your data is always safe and secure, Wufoo uses 256-Bit SSL Encryption, Smart CAPTCHA integrations, and a data fortress.

10. Paperform


Our second choice on our list of the top 12 Formstack alternatives is Paperform.

The form-building capabilities of Paperform are similar to those of Formstack.

However, Paperform is a far more cost-effective alternative to Formstack, even though its pricing plans are pricey.

On a number of rating websites, the tool has a higher rating than Formstack.

It produces more customised forms that are designed to capture the essence of your brand.

In comparison to Formstack, Paperform is simpler to use, has superior customization options, and also gives complete assistance to assist users in using the programme without any problems.

The template selection in Paperform is likewise more extensive and feature-rich.

Overall, Paperform outperforms Formstack in terms of affordability, features, and usefulness without sacrificing either.

11. 123FormBuilder


123FormBuilder is a free alternative to Formstack that offers sophisticated functionality and more reasonable pricing options.

Users can also incorporate additional tools for a smooth experience, and it aids in the creation of various types of forms.

Currently, 35,000+ businesses and individuals worldwide, including LG, the University of Oxford, and many others, trust the tool.

It’s simple to create forms thanks to the 2000+ form templates available.

You can select the template of your choice and begin immediately developing the form of your choosing.

To ensure that your data is always safe and secure, you can also design HIPPA-compliant and GDPR-ready forms.

No matter what kind of business or industry it is, the tool’s simple interaction with other tools makes it simpler to use.

12. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms

Our final choice for this list is Microsoft Forms. Because the tool is a part of Microsoft’s suite of solutions and is widely adored and trusted worldwide. Users can easily create forms, tests, surveys, and other content with the application.

Microsoft Forms is a trustworthy alternative to Formstack that has helpful features to make it easier to design interesting forms that are enjoyable for both the audience and the author. Microsoft Forms is free because it is a component of the Microsoft Suite.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest and most user-friendly free alternatives to Formstack on the market.

Conclusion Thoughts:

Although Formstack is a trustworthy alternative for creating forms, there are other more competitive options on the market that offer much superior features and more affordable pricing schemes. Here, we’ve included a list of some of the top Formstack substitutes available. Check that a tool’s characteristics match your requirements before selecting it for use.

To evaluate the tool and determine whether it meets your needs or not, you can also start with a free trial, demo, or free plan. Once you’ve discovered such a tool, you can purchase a paid plan for increased effectiveness.


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