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Top 15 Best Free Online Escape Rooms In 2023

Best Free Online Escape Rooms  will be described in this article. In order to escape a room, players must solve puzzles and find clues within a set amount of time in free online escape rooms. Examples include Mr. X, Minecraft, and Jumanji: Escape Room. You and your team can have fun playing a virtual escape room game with no cost thanks to free online escape rooms.

This list includes online team building games and virtual team building activities that are similar to virtual escape rooms.

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List of available free online escape rooms

List of available free online escape rooms

The top free escape rooms that you may play with your team without spending a penny are succinctly listed in this post. Check out these free online escape rooms with your friends or coworkers for your upcoming game night.

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Check out this virtual, digital escape room if you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter series. A fantastic digital escape room experience is the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. The first-year Hogwarts students who are trapped in a chamber after Hagrid drops off a letter are the game’s main characters.

You can escape the chamber and carry on with the rest of the school year by resolving puzzles and hints. Multiple-choice options are also available in the game, making it simple to tackle challenging riddles. You can play Hogwarts Digital Escape Room by simply hitting a Google link on your smartphone if you like playing escape rooms on mobile devices. One of the best free online escape rooms for groups, the game also enables solo play.

The complete problem must be solved in order to escape the room, which takes 10 to 15 minutes. The best feature is the ability to play Hogwarts Digital Escape Room repeatedly without having to subscribe.

Take a look at the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room.

2. Romeo and Juliet escape Room

Romeo and Juliet escape Room

The Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is one of the best free multiplayer online escape rooms to play for lovers of love stories. Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who were split apart by Juliet’s parents, the Capulets, are the center of the game. The Capulets urge you to answer challenging questions to demonstrate your intelligence.

To make sure the pair is reunited, you and your team must act quickly in order to solve clues and puzzles, including eight tests. A virtual game on the internet called Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is ideal for kids and adults. It does not take long to figure out how to answer your riddles thanks to the website’s simplicity. The game can last anywhere between 25 and 60 minutes.

A variety of audio and visual riddles, bingo, a matching game, and even clever Shakespearean insults for when you mess up a challenge are also included in the Romeo and Juliet Escape Room experience.

Consider visiting Romeo and Juliet Escape Room.

3. Escape Minecraft

Escape Minecraft

You can play the intriguing free online escape room game Minecraft by yourself or with pals. If you enjoy playing Minecraft a lot, this PowerPoint escape room is a fantastic option. To finish the game, you must solve the 63 puzzles and questions in the PowerPoint presentation.

To go on to the next level, you must defeat hordes of enemies, construct a shelter, and attempt to survive by deciphering all puzzles and hints. Playing the immersive video game Minecraft allows you to use your logical, arithmetic, and problem-solving abilities. In order to help you escape Minecraft, math, maze, and matching questions will be presented to you.

Take a look at Escape Minecraft.

4. Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

Western Trail You can play the exciting online escape room game Escape to Willamette Valley with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. The Oregon Trail is explored by players in the game, which was created by the Livingston Parish Library. In this game, you must travel the Oregon Trail while trying to escape a mystery illness with your wagon train.

The objective is to reach Willamette Valley, where there is accommodation that is secure. The difficulty is that the trail is filled with perilous stumbling blocks that call for deciphering puzzles and hints. To complete the course and escape these hazards, you and your squad must work together. If you don’t finish your puzzles quickly, your squad and the strange illness will catch up with you.

You can play the Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley Escape Room game multiple times, like many other free online escape rooms.

Consider reading Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley.

5. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

You’ll like The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln if you like innovative plots. This escape game rewrites history, giving it a unique twist. You have to carry on the role of John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor and supporter of the Confederacy. You see Abraham Lincoln as the bad guy, a despot who is to blame for the problems facing the nation. At some point, you make the decision to act to solve the issue.

You can opt to follow history’s original course or select a different one. You have an option, but in order to advance to the next level, you must solve every puzzle in your selected scenario. The game offers numerous opportunities for you and your team to play it. You will appreciate that the game uses contemporary multimedia to solve problems yet being historically grounded. In order to solve riddles and find clues, the game, for instance, gives images of text conversations exchanged between teams. A 60-minute time limit applies to players.

Consider reading The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

6. Mr-X

Mr. X is a thrilling escape room with an espionage theme that centers on Mr. X, who teases your team with puzzling clues. To identify Mr. X and learn his surname, you must solve puzzles. Local websites, Google Maps, Twitter, and even Google Street View can be used to solve the puzzles and provide helpful information.

All passwords must be entered in lowercase. You can use the HINT button in the game if you run into trouble solving a task. After figuring out the six puzzle pieces, you will learn Mr. X’s last name and finish the mission. Mr. X is really entertaining and missions can be finished in 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Look at Mr. X.

7. Jumanji: Escape Room

Jumanji Escape Room is an adventure-themed game that transports you and your team into the jungle and is based on the beloved action film of the same name. To overcome barriers and solve challenges, the team must use their logical and problem-solving abilities. Returning the magic gem to the statue of the jaguar is the only way to leave the forest.

Each character in Jumanji Escape Room has a unique skill that must be used in order to solve puzzles and find clues, making it the ideal game for a group. You and your companions will be able to successfully escape once you have solved all six puzzles.

8. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar

One of the most informative free online escape room games is Oscar’s Stolen Oscar. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is important to the plot of the daring fish-themed game. You’ll need to assist Hollywood fish Oscar from Shark Tale in locating his Oscar statue.

This entertaining game was developed by the National Aquarium to inform players about aquatic life. As you go around the aquarium in search of the solutions to your puzzle, you will be given a visual tour of it. You can explore the aquarium, share your screen, and respond to questions in the interactive game Oscar’s Stolen Oscar.

Consider viewing Oscar’s Stolen Oscar.

9. The Midnight Express

The Midnight Express by Escape the Crate is an enjoyable and simple free online escape room. Multiplayer teams looking for an exciting yet enigmatic journey will love this escape room. You and your teams play as agents in this game who find an alteration in the timeline of the Civil War. You think the alteration has something to do with Abraham Lincoln, but the only way to find out for sure is to take a late-night train to Baltimore, Maryland.

You and your crew decide to go undercover in order to learn the truth despite the fact that there isn’t much movement on the train. To obtain any proof of this timeline change, you will need to skulk between railway cars. You must find all of the secret clues and work out your riddles in order to exit the train fast and undetected. Thankfully, the Midnight Express allows players to go back and collect information from earlier pages to assist them in solving riddles.

The game also provides a variety of hints to help you finish your problem more quickly. The gameplay, however, necessitates a lot of note-taking so you can avoid going over previously found information.

Consider watching Escape: The Midnight Express.

10. See Me Escape Room

See Me Escape Room

Check out See Me Escape Room if you’re looking for a free online escape room for students, especially younger children. You must overcome a series of puzzles set by Grandpa Sam in this treasure hunt-themed adventure to find the price. The See Me Escape Room should last ten to fifteen minutes. Because the right response is the passcode to go on to the next page, the gameplay demands that you solve each problem in its proper order.

All responses must be entered using capital letters; otherwise, they will not be accepted. The game’s plot is intriguing in addition to being user-friendly for kids and free. The ideal online game to keep your pupils or children occupied and teach them the value of cooperation is See Me Escape Rooms.

View the See Me Escape Room website.

11. Enchambered: Alone Together

Alone Together is a free multiplayer online escape room that is ideal for just two players and only needs a big screen, a notepad, and a pen. By enabling players to freely speak with one another via calls or texts, Alone Together elevates the gameplay. You and your buddy must work together to tackle practical challenges in this virtual escape room in order to succeed.

If you enjoy video games that allow conversation between players, Alone Together is a terrific choice. The graphics are very well-designed and visually appealing. The puzzles in Alone Together can be a little difficult, but they are worth your time even though the game has no special theme. Once you have completed the first game, you can continue with Alone Together 2: Together Apart. The gameplay of the sequel offers you countless hours of enjoyment.

Consider watching Enchambered: Alone Together.

12. Dr. Who Escape Room

Dr. Who, a well-known sci-fi and thriller TV program, is the inspiration for the Dr. Who Escape Room. Unexpectedly, a woman approaching you who introduces herself as a doctor believes she needs your assistance. Before you can phone the police to report her, she drags you over to a blue police call box and shoves you inside. You are shocked to learn that the blue call box is actually a spaceship’s command center.

The ship is about to be destroyed by a Dalek, a mischievous bad guy who wants to unleash the ship’s hidden weapon that has the power to destroy it and even the entire world. You and your group must use critical thinking to thwart the Dalek and save the spaceship as The Doctor’s companions. The mission has a 60-minute time limit, and if you fail, your crew will soon be eliminated.

Examine the Dr. Who Escape Room.

13. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

This intriguing online escape room game is called Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room. You or a squad are required to follow famed spy Carmen in this task game with a spy theme.

To demonstrate your suitability for the position of her apprentice, you will need to continually decipher puzzles and find hints. The game takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and is fairly challenging. As a result, the game is most suitable for those who are at least 15 years old. Check out the challenging riddles and hints in Spy Apprentice if you’re up for a challenge. To make your puzzles easier to complete, you can combine links with web pages in our online escape room.

You can also check out the follow-up, Chasing Carmen Digital Escape Room, after you’ve solved this problem.

Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room is worth checking out.

14. Escape From Wonderland

If you enjoy Lewis Carroll’s well-known Alice in Wonderland story, you’ll adore this free online escape game. The original story as well as the Disney adaptations served as inspiration for the game. In this engaging game, players will recognize well-known storylines and encounter them personally.

As Alice, you embark on a trip full of mysteries and conundrums. You start out the story daydreaming in a field. You’re startled to see a white rabbit dash into a hole. To start your exciting voyage, you and your traveling companions must follow the rabbit down the hole. You must view videos, respond to puzzles, and decipher hints in order to escape.

Consider watching Escape From Wonderland.

15. Ultra Mega super Death

Ultra Mega super Death

A lengthy quarantine is the setting for the virtual escape room Ultra Mega Super Death. After trying every possible pastime to pass the time, you decide to get a Nintendo Switch. You search online but are unable to locate any devices. You are fortunate, though! A significant Nintendo employee is known by a friend of a friend. This employee is aware of the secret code to enter the hidden warehouse where Nintendo stores extra supplies. To discover the magic word, you must complete various obstacles created by the company.

For groups of up to four people who are 13 years of age or older, this escape room is appropriate. The game includes severe rules, such as prohibiting the use of calculators or outside assistance like Googling. Instead, you must utilize your understanding of geography and mathematics to solve the puzzles.

Raise your knowledge of Ultra Mega Super Death.


Playing online escape games is a fun and secure method to get the sense of adventure that comes with visiting real-world escape rooms. Fortunately, the free versions of these games permit repeated play while strengthening ties and teamwork. Choose the top free games for your upcoming game night or team-building activity from our selection of 15 free online escape rooms.

Check out our lists of DIY escape room printables, escape room boxes, and advice for solving escape rooms next.

Concerns: Free online escape rooms

The following list of questions and answers is related to free online escape rooms.

What exactly are “free online escape rooms”?

Free online escape rooms let you play without spending any money. The majority of free online escape rooms are often web-based or in the form of Google Forms. Free escape rooms are available that support single-player or group play.

Which free online escape rooms are the best?

Among the top free online escape rooms are Jumanji: Escape Room, Romeo and Juliet Escape Room, and Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. Others include Ultra Mega Super Death, Midnight Express by Escape the Crate, and Mr. X.

Where can I locate free online escape rooms?

By looking for them online, you can find free virtual escape rooms. Google offers a number of free virtual escape rooms to play when you enter a relevant search term into the search field.


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