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How To Change IP Address On Mac In 2022

How to change IP address will be described in this article. Despite the fact that some things, like automobiles having distinct number plates, have a unique identification, everything has its own identity.

  • People have unique Aadhaar cards.
  • Even many electrical devices have unique serial numbers to aid in identification.
  • Internet-connected devices have a specific address that can be used to find them.
  • The term “IP Address” refers to Internet Protocol addresses.

How To Change IP Address On Mac In 2022

In this article, you can know about How To Change IP Address On Mac In 2022 here are the details below;

An IP address is a special number given to a network device attached to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for transmission.

It resembles having a digital identity.

Each device connected to the Internet or a network is identified by its IP address.

The majority of IP addresses are IPv4 addresses, which are represented by a series of digits and three periods.

An IP address that is longer and has a longer string of characters split into seven columns is an IPv6 address.

An IP address is used by a computer or laptop to communicate with other websites, computers online, and other networks.

The IP address functions similarly to how our home address, which includes both our location and house number, does.

It has been given numbers as well.

The form in numbers can be

A networking device that allows access to the internet is required.

This networking gadget that offers connectivity is a Wi-Fi router.

This website provides comprehensive yet straightforward guidelines that explain Wi-Fi Router Access for a variety of Wi-Fi networking devices. Also check how to fix it when chrome is not saving passwords

The website also provides instructions and advice for troubleshooting certain router devices.

An IP address serves as evidence that a computer is real and allows machines connected to the internet to remember one another.

The Internet Service Provider, or ISP, assigns an IP address to each computer.

Since there are trillions of computers in use today, each one has its own IP address, and we are unable to even quantify the number of lessons that are available.

There are two different kinds of IP addresses: public IP addresses and private IP addresses.

While you offer the personal IP address, your ISP assigns the public IP address.

Other users on the exact same network have been contacted using the private IP address.

Ways to change IP Address on Mac

On the other hand, connections outside of the local network are made using the public IP address.

Ways to change IP Address on Mac

Mac IP Address Change Methods

You can change IP addresses in a number of ways.

The steps below can be used to change your Mac’s IP address:

First  Method

On the desktop, click the Apple logo in the top right corner.

Select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu, then “Network,” from the options that appear.

Now select the network—whether it be a WIFI network, a broadband network, or another network—that you want to join.

Now choose “Advanced.”

Select TCP/IP from the menu at the top.

Select the “Manually” option on the Configure page now.

As a result, your IP address will change.

Your IP address will be set if you want to have your network automatically restore the settings. Also check xender for pc

Second Method

Use a proxy server

Use a proxy server

A few websites and online services, such as gaming, music, or video services, will block devices with IP addresses from certain regions.

If you need to access such regionally obstructed administrations, you must change your public IP address to one that gives off the impression that you are from a different region.

When you visit places where services are blocked after altering your IP address, the system would grant you access because you are using a mask.

If you use the Internet, you might also need to set up your online security.

If this is the case, updating your public IP address is a wise move as it might protect your reputation.

A simple solution is to use an intermediary worker to change your public IP address.

Click on the Apple logo.

You can see this in the screen’s upper left corner.

The menu will soon be available.

Use this method if your current network cannot perform the trick because it uses a different proxy server and a different temporary network.

Select “System Preferences” from the “About This Mac” menu.

The word “Network” can be found in the third row next to “iCloud.” Click it.

Click the network you’re using on the left sidebar.

For instance, if you have a Wi-Fi connection, click “Wi-Fi.”

Just below the window’s bottom right corner, select “Advanced.”

Press Proxies.

On top of this screen, tabs for DNS, WINS, 802.1X, TPT/IP, and Hardware are visible.

Click to choose the configuration protocol under the heading “Select a configuration protocol.”

Select “SOCKS Proxy” if you are unsure of the protocol you want.

The “SOCKS Proxy” protocol is frequently used to transmit network packets via a proxy between clients and servers, enhancing overall security and hiding the client’s IP.

The Web Proxy and the Secure Web Proxy are also extensively used but less secure than a SOCKS proxy.

Put the IP address of the requested proxy server in the empty field.

Choose a type 4 or type 5 IP address from the SOCKS proxy list at http://sockslist.net/ when using the SOCKS proxy.

Next, press OK and Apply.

You are currently linked to the chosen proxy server.

How to change your Mac’s public IP address

Third Method

Log in to the administrator console of the switch.

(Regularly found at Also check fix driver errors on windows

Transmission of the IP address (technique fluctuates by switch maker)

The link/DSL modem, ethernet hubs/switches, and mood killer switch

That evening, depart.

The following day, turn everything back on.

You may want to directly connect your PC to the link/DSL modem if you use a switch and a link/DSL modem.

Please be aware that this could significantly compromise the security of your framework.

In the unlikely event if you possess a switch, make sure there is a “Clone MAC Address” option available.

While using it should change your IP address, you usually only have the choice to do so once.

Please see the debate about changing your IP address if, on the off event that this doesn’t answer your change.


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