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Top Best 6 Alternatives To iExplorer In 2022

Best and demanding Alternatives to iExplorer will be described in this article. You’ll eventually need to transfer files from your smartphone to a computer if you have one. You may wish to use or alter files, or you may want to make a backup of them.

Many of us have experienced the frustration of moving files via iTunes. It’s annoying! We now need to find alternative methods to handle files on our iPhones because Apple has discontinued iTunes. There are thankfully several phone managers available.

IExplorer is a fantastic tool and is perhaps the most widely used app for iPhone file transfers. However, there are a lot of alternative choices. Let’s examine some alternative tools and evaluate how they stack up.

Why Do You Need an iExplorer Alternative?

Why would you use anything else since iExplorer is such a wonderful tool? If you discover that iExplorer fulfils your needs, perhaps you don’t. However, iExplorer is not an ideal phone manager.

There may be a phone manager available that offers more features, is less expensive, has a quicker interface, or is simpler to use. While most software businesses often release new and improved versions of their products, they don’t always address the features you’re worried about. Software fluctuates, therefore it makes sense to occasionally check out alternative programmes to see what they have to offer.

Why then is iExplorer flawed? The first consideration might be the price. Basic licences cost $39, universal licences for two machines cost $49, and family licences for five machines cost $69. Although the majority of phone managers have comparable costs, there are a few free alternatives.

Another typical user concern is that iOS devices are scanned slowly. Files cannot be transferred from iOS to PC. The app may freeze and crash for certain users. Finally, iExplorer exclusively uses USB to connect to devices. Although most people might not find it to be an issue, a wifi option would be convenient.

IExplorer is a great phone manager all around. View our article on the Best iPhone Transfer Software if you want to learn more about it.

Quick summary

  • CopyTrans is excellent if you only want to control your iPhone or other iOS devices from a PC.
  • You can control iOS devices from either a Mac or a PC with iMazing and Waltr 2.
  • Try AnyTrans or SynciOS if you need a solution to manage iOS and Android devices from a Mac or a PC.
  • Look into iPhoneBrowser if you want a free open source alternative.

Top Best 6 Alternatives to iExplorer In 2022

Top Best 6 Alternatives to iExplorer are explained here.

1. iMazing


Really “wonderful,” iMazing. It eliminates the need to fumble around in iTunes attempting to get it to behave the way you want it to and makes managing the files on your iOS devices quick, easy, and straightforward. Data backup and transfer on your iOS devices are a breeze with this phone manager.

A real “set it and forget it” backup solution is made possible by the ability to schedule and perform wireless backups. Customizable restoration is one aspect that stands out in particular. Choose what you wish to restore from the backup; you are not required to restore everything. See more information about this software in our in-depth iMazing review. This is another Alternatives to iExplorer. Also check How To See Who Liked Your TikTok


  • Suitable for both Mac and PC
  • Automated backup that’s planned
  • the option to select the information you like to restore
  • Swift file transfers between iOS devices and computers
  • A free trial version is offered.


  • Wireless connection
  • Does not function on Android phones
  • You cannot recover from backups in the free version 2. AnyTrans

2.  AnyTrans


AnyTrans, as its name suggests, supports all systems and virtually “any” file type. AnyTrans functions with iOS and Android on PCs and Macs. Even a version for cloud drives is available. All of your devices can manage and transfer data with AnyTrans.

AnyTrans performs nearly all of the tasks that a phone manager should. It is simple to organise files, copy them between devices, make backups, and restore data. The app enables you to save data to your computer using your phone as a thumb drive. Here is a brief review of the many functions that AnyTrans offers.


  • Controls both Android and iOS devices
  • Suitable for Mac or PC
  • Wirelessly moves files
  • user-friendly interface
  • Free trial is offered
  • Utilize your smartphone as a flash drive.
  • Directly download online video to your phone.


  • Separate apps for iOS and Android must be purchased
  • Single licences have a one-year lifespan. To obtain a lifetime licence, you must purchase a bundle 3. iExplorer-Alternatives

3. Waltr 2

Waltr 2

You may drag and drop media files to and from your iOS devices using Waltr 2, an intuitive tool. Both PC and Mac users can use the application. There is no need to worry about file compatibility because it even transforms incompatible formats instantly. This is another Alternatives to iExplorer. Also check Improve Software Quality

This programme is straightforward to use and just focuses on file transfers. It offers rapid data transfers, and since it connects wirelessly, there is no need to plug in your phone. The price of Waltr 2 is comparable to that of most other phone managers. If you wish to try it out for 24 hours prior to buying it, download the trial version.


  • Transfers any PDF files, video, music, or ringtones to iOS devices.
  • speedy transfers
  • Simple drag-and-drop user interface
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Does not need iTunes
  • Instant conversion of unsupported formats
  • Free trial for 24 hours
  • Runs on Mac and Windows Drawbacks


  • Not compatible with Android devices
  • Simply offers file transmission, no more utilities

4. CopyTrans


CopyTrans conducts backups as well as file transfers from your phone to your PC. CopyTrans, a Windows-only application, is far more user-friendly than iTunes for copying files to and from your iPhone.

For contacts, documents, photographs, apps, music, backup, and restoration, CopyTrans includes different programmes. The primary software that enables you to use each separate app is CopyTrans Control Center.

The HEIC converter (CopyTrans HEIC), apps (CopyTrans Apps), and music (CopyTrans Manager) are all free. The other paid applications can also be bought separately or as a package. This programme is a steal because the bundle’s whole price is significantly less than that of iExplorer.


  • Enables the transmission of data for apps, contacts, documents, images, and photographs
  • simple backup and recovery
  • CopyTrans Apps
  • CopyTrans HEIC
  • CopyTrans Manager (for music) are all cost-free.
  • For just $29.99, get a bundle of all 7 premium apps.


  • Accessible only on PC
  • Only accessible on the iPhone

5. SynciOS Data Transfer

SynciOS Data Transfer

Copying files from one phone to another is simple with this all-in-one data transfer utility. With SynciOS, you may move 15 different categories of data from your old phone to your new one, including contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents, and more.

Android and iOS are supported, while SynciOS offers programmes for both Windows and Mac. Even data transfer between iOS and Android devices is possible with it. Additionally, this phone manager provides a simple method for backups and restores. This is another Alternatives to iExplorer.


Transfer contacts, messages, call history, calendar, images, videos, music, books, notes, and applications.

  • programmes available for both Mac and PC
  • offers 3500+ device support
  • iTunes
  • iCloud backups can be used to transfer content between Android and iOS.
  • The updated model has wireless connectivity.
  • Free trial accessible Negatives


  • Previously offered for free, but now only allows a free trial
  • The user interface is straightforward yet only has a few functionalities.

6. iPhoneBrowser


A free and open-source phone manager is iPhoneBrowser. It is accessible on PC and Mac, but only with iOS. You may browse your iPhone using iPhoneBrowser in the same way that you would a drive in Windows Explorer. It allows you to preview, transfer, backup, and remove files from your phone. This is another Alternatives to iExplorer.

It’s a straightforward open-source programme. There is no assurance that it will function with your devices because the developers have not updated it in a long.


  • File transfers with drag and drop
  • Backups, both automatic and manual
  • viewing files
  • Utilize your smartphone as a flash drive.
  • Since it is open-source, developers can alter it to suit their needs.


  • It’s free
  • Because it is open-source, it might not be as trustworthy as other tools.
  • Because the open-source code hasn’t been updated since 2009, it’s possible that new gadgets won’t work with it.
  • Ideal with jailbroken mobile devices
  • Not accessible on Android-powered devices
  • To use it, you must have iTunes installed on your computer.

Final Words

Even while iExplorer is a fantastic phone manager, there are several places where it falls short. There are other alternatives if you have been using iExplorer or are dissatisfied with it. Questions? Post a comment down below!


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