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How To Check if Reddit Is Down Right Now Or Not

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How To Check if Reddit Is Down Right Now will be described in this article. Users can publish links to online material to Reddit, an online community. It has approximately 300 million monthly active users and was started in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Reddit is mostly used for exchanging thoughts, queries, amusing images, videos, memes, and other types of media that are part of daily life.

Therefore, when something is wrong with it or it does not function well, it will undoubtedly irritate the consumers. This also occurs on other social media platforms, such as Instagram login issues and issues with TikTik likes and views. Many users complained that they couldn’t access Reddit on their desktop or even their mobile device. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to confirm that Reddit is down and not you.

How to Check if Reddit is down right now

The following to see whether Reddit is now unavailable.

1. Check downdetector.com

Check downdetector. com

My first suggestion is the website downdetector.com.

If you conduct a Reddit search on this page, a chart displaying Reddit’s downtime will appear. Also check Fix Twitch’s Error 2000

If no charts are shown, Reddit is not down.

2. Check redditstatus.com

Check redditstatus

There are a few locations where you may check whether Reddit is down; one of them is redditstatus.com/, which displays the status of Reddit.

3. Check Twitter

Check Twitter

If Reddit is down, you can look to Twitter for two indicators:

Look up the profile on redditstatus.com and read the most recent announcements on ir.

Verify the #redditdown hashtag on Twitter.

4. Log in with another account

Log in with another account

It’s a good idea to double check with your friends and family if you have access to other accounts or if they’re around. Also check Track an iPhone without iCloud

When all users are unable to log into their accounts, Reddit is unavailable.

5. Try a different device

Use Reddit’s status page to see if the website is down if you’re having access issues.

You can also try utilising a different browser or gadget.

It’s best to log in on a laptop or computer if you’re using an app.

Occasionally, the problems are limited to the app.

Instead, you can utilise a PC to use it.

Reddit is unquestionably down if both are down.

6. Use another browser

When something goes wrong with a website, it may have an impact on multiple users.

To ensure everything functions as planned, it is a good idea to test the site on different browsers or mobile devices.

7. Switch your mobile data and WiFi

You can occasionally benefit by turning WiFi or mobile data on and off.

If you are using mobile data, you can change to WiFi, and vice versa.

Because of our Internet connection, occasional mistakes occur.

Additionally, check sure that spyware isn’t on your PC.

Internet connections can be slowed down by malware, so you should remove any viruses before trying again.

8. Change the DNS server

Change the DNS server

You might have noticed that occasionally webpages aren’t loading properly if you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

This typically occurs as a result of the website using a different web browser than you do.

Consider altering your DNS settings to address this issue.

It’s best not to update your DNS settings if you are unfamiliar with them; instead, try another approach.

9. Reset your Modem

Reset your Modem

Try changing your modem or router to default settings if you still can’t access Reddit.

Usually, this will make the issue go away. Also check How To See Who Liked Your TikTok

10. Wait for a couple of hours

It usually doesn’t take much to determine if a website is down or not functioning properly.

Therefore, it is preferable to wait a few hours before trying again.



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