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Top 8 Best Joomla Poll Extensions In 2023

Best Joomla Poll Extensions will be described in this article. Congratulations on completing your Joomla website, you are almost there up and running your business online. Now, what else can you do with your website to make it more effective? How do you engage the people on your site and allow them to engage with the products and services? Something that is not just engaging but also gets you better insights- well, polling is a great option to consider. Engaging users on a website should never be boring, it just takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about a website. Websites are prone to snap judgements and most people often judge the credibility of a website within less than 15 seconds.

Top 8 Best Joomla Poll Extensions In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 8 Best Joomla Poll Extensions In 2023 here are the details below;

Do you own a Joomla website? If the answer is yes then you already know how important it is to engage and add interactive tools on your Joomla site. Adding a poll to your site is surely a great way to attract the awareness of the audience. You might think that integrating polls on your website is difficult but indeed it is quite easy with Joomla Poll extensions. Are you thinking about which Joomla poll extension could be the best for your website? Here I have a comprehensive guide with the best Joomla poll extensions in 2021 so that you can pick your favorite one.

Why Do You Need to Add Joomla Poll Extensions on your Website?

Adding a poll to your Joomla website is the most effective way to keep your audience engaged and at the same time improve the performance of your Joomla website. Moreover, it gives you an easier way to get information rather than sending emails and waiting for a response.

In fact, if you are thinking of adding polls to your website then there are many ways to do so. However, the Joomla polls extension is the easiest and quickest way out of all. Adding polls is one of the most effective ways to interact with the audience. That is why integrating the Joomla extensions boost performance on your site is great for improving the click-through rate. If you want to create Joomla website you can use Joomla template creator and download free Joomla templates and get best Joomla hosting. However, with so many Joomla poll extensions, it can be quite difficult to pick the right one. For this reason, I have sorted the best Joomla poll extensions, to help you make the right decision. So let’s dive in.

Top 8 Best And Demanding Joomla Poll Extensions In 2023

1. Skyline Advanced Poll Manager

Skyline Advanced Poll Manager

When it comes to the best Joomla poll extension – Skyline Advanced poll manager tops the list. It is a powerful poll extension that allows you to add polls in module position and Joomla, K2 and Zoo Content as well. The prime focus of the extension is on analyzing the data and archives. Besides, it also comes with a feature that allows restricting the vote permission using advanced Joomla ACL. Therefore, it allows you to restrict and allow particular types of users that can vote. Each poll comes with unique settings options and has a user-friendly interface to offer.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3 and later versions
  • The Joomla ACL compatibility allows you to restrict the particular type of users
  • This extension supports unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Integrate various security layers into the polling system (for example cookies, IP address and more)
  • You get to see the results immediately with Skyline Advanced Poll Manager without having to refresh the page
  • Add unlimited answers to the polls
  • You can add a description to polls in the form of text or image
  • Uses Captcha/ReCaptcha to provide more security and avoid spammers
  • The Advanced poll module allows users to display one or more one poll category. Besides, you can also add more than one poll category
  • Data analysis feature gives a better insight on the backend about the number of votes daily, votes coming from which location and more

Key Highlights:

  • Easy to configure and use
  • Provides a lot of useful polling features
  • Very flexible to use
  • Customer support is great

2. Community Polls

Community Polls

Community polls are one of the best Joomla poll extensions when it comes to creating popular polls in just a few minutes. It is a great extension that helps in integrating polls and improving engagement on your website. With Community Polls, you can create polls that are responsive, rich in features, and at the same time protect the data on the server. The designed elements on the polls are properly arranged to provide a great user experience. The Joomla poll extension is coded with an MVC design. As a result, it is lightweight, rich in features and also quicker to load. Moreover, it can run on shared hosting too.

Main Features:

  • Highly responsive designs that work perfectly well on desktop, smartphone, tablets and other devices
  • Restrict polls with Advanced ACL
  • Random poll modules allow displaying of multiple polls on the same page
  • Attach images and URLs
  • Display content polls using the content poll plugins
  • Private polls option
  • Select from predefined color pallets to make your poll look more appealing
  • Ajax voting- in other words, vote without having to refresh the page
  • Add multiple charts in the form of a Google pie chart, an Image bar chart, a simple bar chart.
  • Keep records of the votes with tracking user details
  • Use ACL to segregate and organize votes in multi-level categories
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Social integration with features like bookmark and sharing, vote timelines and more

Key Highlights:

  • User data management
  • Developer friendly- That is to say, community polls are completely customizable with layout overrides (MVC design) and can also be extended
  • Easy to use
  • Customer support is good

3. Sexy Polling

Sexy Polling

Sexy Polling is again a great polling extension for the Joomla website, thanks to its ability to easily embed and integrate polls on the website. Accordingly, you get to see responses based on what your audience thinks. This extension can be easily customized according to your website design so you don’t have to worry about that. Besides, you can also set a timer, for when the users can vote next. Additionally, you can also add HTML to explain the answer in a better way or for that matter add YouTube video.

Sexy polling also supports shortcodes. Likewise, you can add polls anywhere in the content. Users can also add their opinions right away.

Main Features:

  • With the Votes progress feature, you can see how users choose to vote
  • 10+ skins are available. Additionally, you can also create beautiful skins using template creators.
  • JavaScript animation effects
  • User-friendly- Easy to manage and configure
  • Countdown timer
  • Integrate HTML in your answers – Accordingly, add YouTube videos, beautiful images, music from SoundCloud
  • Users can also add their answers
  • Single and multiple voting options – That is to say, checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Supports 8 different languages – English, Spanish, German. Italian, French, Farsi, Russi and and Slovenian

Key Highlights:

  • The displayed polls are designed beautifully
  • Comprehensive forum
  • The poll extension is easy to set up and configure
  • You can change the extension name from ‘Sexy Polling’ to ‘Fancy Polling’

4. JLex Helpful

JLex Helpful

JLex allows you to create interesting polls on your website along with short surveys and voting forums that can help in improving the quality of content on the Joomla website. As a result, you can get better insights from your customers and improve the quality of the products and services on your site.

All of the suggestions or opinions from the users added, examined, and presented in the management section. It is one of the best Joomla poll extensions that adjoin surveys in the module, shortcode or the component section. Additionally, if you want to export data in excel JLex helps you in exporting the data in .xlsx format.

Main Features:

  • Can add survey forms anywhere on your Joomla website
  • Ability export data in excel sheet
  • Get notifications through email
  • Complete management and analysis of the data for better insights

Key Highlights:

  • Extremely simple to use and configure
  • The functionality is easy and pretty basic
  • Offers a lot of flexibility

5. Reaction in Article

Reaction in Article

Showing reaction at the end of an article is a great way of understanding your audience. Adding reaction is a way of getting polls from the visitors differently and innovatively. These Facebook-style reactions can be easily integrated into the article in four different types of layout and themes. Therefore, you can easily match the style and theme of your website. Moreover, you can also check how many people reacted to your article for better insights

Main Features:

  • Get reactions to each article.
  • The reactions are automatically integrated at the end of the article.
  • Reactions are counted, you can also give a reaction.
  • The layouts and themes are customizable.
  • Backend configuration is easy and quick.
  • Complete control to match with the Joomla website. Besides, you can also control the font size.
  • Every reaction is saved in the database and displayed to the visitors.

You can exclude the category. For example, if a category is excluded the reaction will not be displayed in that category. Similarly, you can exclude a particular type of articles as well.

Key Highlights:

  • The extension is 100% responsive and tested on mobile devices.
  • You can easily edit the reaction text and messages

6. One Vote

One Vote

One Vote is a popular Joomla poll extension that allows you to create polls that the users can elect, vote for or both. Basically, it is an election management poll extension that lets you create election or ballot questions or both. You can either showcase the results to the public or keep it hidden and keep it private as well. Moreover, you can also restrict the result to specific Joomla users.

Main Features:

  • You can add a one-vote per participant option
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Unlimited number of participants

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Great to function with and use
  • Top-notch customer support

7. Votes


Free votes are one of the best Joomla poll extension that allows you to create vast surveys of all kinds. General surveys allow you to create a question with multiple choices or answers, as a result, the users can choose one of these options. However, with free votes, you can create various questions integrated with several answers. As a result, the user can give ratings to these answers.

For example, if you have a question in mind and want to know what users think of it depending upon 1 to 10 suggestions, then a free vote extension is what you need. But, in case the user is unable to find the appropriate answer from the given suggestions, they can also write their answer to the question and add it to the bottom.

Main Features:

  • Add a question with more than one answer
  • Give your vote to answers that were already given
  • All of the extensions have been made without using flash (only in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3)
  • You can select various options from the backend. For instance, you can allow users again for the answers that were already voted
  • Every part of being module can be edited by using CSS

Key Highlights:

  • Fully responsive
  • The documentation is pretty good
  • Easy to use

8. POWR Poll


Adding the best Joomla poll extension on your website is one of the most suitable ways to improve user experience on the best. Getting feedback will not just help you get better insights but also understand more about your audience and their expectations.

With POWR polls you can boost the experience of your customers quickly and easily. The extension can be used to add survey forms or polls on your Joomla website. While you can also send the poll results through an email for better customer service.

Main Features:

  • Easily add fields to your polls or surveys using text, dropdown, checkboxes, multiple-choice and more
  • The in-built dashboard helps you export the data and reports. Therefore, it gives you a chance to know better to stay on the top
  • Add survey anywhere on your site and also share it with your customers over an email
  • Get notifications on email, each time a visitor completes a survey on your site
  • Show or hide surveys based on customers previous engagement on the polls
  • Decide what happens when a user completes a survey or poll. For example, you can redirect the users to another page once they are done with the poll.
  • Polls support text in all languages

Key Highlights:

  • Set automatic follow-up
  • Highly customizable
  • Access 50+ POWR apps like Pop-ups, Instagram Feeds, Countdown TImers, Lookbook, Slideshows and more
  • Highly responsive on any device

Wrapping Up- Best Joomla Poll Extension

The best Joomla Poll extension will allow you to easily integrate polls or surveys anywhere on your website. In the first place, it is a great way of adding an interactive tool to your website, something that always comes beneficial. you can check how to install Joomla and create Joomla template and how to restore hacked Joomla site

The Joomla polls extensions that we have mentioned in this article are great and will help you in adding a customized Joomla website poll. Now, you do not have to wait and learn about how to build a poll offline. Simply add any of these extensions and you are good to go. But, if you are thinking about which one to choose from the list? Well, it all depends on your needs and budget. However, If I was to ask, then Skyline Advanced Poll Manager (Paid) is are my personal favorites. you can check Joomla update. Have you ever tried any of these best Joomla poll extension? Is there any other poll extension that I missed? Make foolproof to let me know in the comment section below.


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