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How To Use Pinterest for Ecommerce In 2023

Best ways to to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce will be described in this article. Facebook, Twitter, and quite a few other social media platforms are frequently discussed, but Pinterest for ecommerce is rarely mentioned in the same breath.

However, if you give it some thought, a social platform stuffed to the gills with gorgeous, attention-grabbing, high-quality photographs might potentially be effective.

How To Use Pinterest for Ecommerce In 2023

In this article, you can know about How To Use Pinterest for Ecommerce In 2023 here are the details below;

You should be persuaded that this one is a winner by the mounting evidence.

They are visible to your own eyes. I’ll just give you some helpful information and some advice I recently found below. They ought to assist you in developing (or establishing) a Pinterest marketing plan:

1. Contests


It is already established that piqued audience attention results in higher levels of engagement.

For instance, a contest can increase visitors and revenue at your store.

There are motivating tales like this one, which describes how Pinterest increased a website’s traffic by 150%.

However, this specific “pin it to win it” competition is not an outlier.


To avoid going over the spam line, I’d advise you to first read the Pinterest contest rules.

2. Rich Pins

Rich Pins

These pins have additional information from your store’s website embedded inside of them.

Don’t worry, if the website is updated, these details will also update.

There are several categories as well.

There are currently five different categories of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product, and location.

For instance, “Product Pins” offers details like costs, supply levels, locations where customers can make purchases, even a link to the item’s page on the retailer’s website, price alert emails, and more.

“Recipe Pins” add recipes from your website together with information on the materials, cooking, and preparation times.

Additionally, “Movie Pins” include photographs provided from Netflix, Flixster, and Rotten Tomatoes as well as ratings, cast, reviews, and other information.

Rich Pins can be used by businesses of all sizes that have stores on Shopify, eBay, and Etsy.

Choose the type of Rich Pin you want, add the relevant metatags to your site, authenticate your Rich Pins, and submit an application to have them posted on Pinterest.

3. Use Quality Photos

Although it should go without saying, low-quality images are rarely repinned on Pinterest.

Compared to images with a single dominant colour, those with numerous dominant colours are more likely to be repinned.

It appears that “faces” are repinned less frequently than the rest, therefore the less the better.

The size of the photos is really important (I mean at least 600 px wide).

4. Pin at the right time

Pin at the right time

Last but not least, the time period during which you post it matters a lot.

Investigate further since, although Pinterest claims that the optimum times are between 2-4 pm and 8-11 pm, local conditions may vary.

I’m interested in learning more about your personal observations and findings about the relationship between Pinterest and e-commerce.

We advise you to return and study this article on social media tools for ecommerce again in the interim to flex your social media muscles.


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