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Best Ways To Create More Backlinks And Boost Your SEO In 2023

Best Ways To Create More Backlinks And Boost Your SEO will be explained in this post. Are you interested in learning how to build backlinks to your website and how they can help you raise your search engine ranking?

The website will experience a significant increase in visitors with a higher search engine ranking.

Although many content producers do, it can be difficult to obtain links to your website. You don’t actually need to purchase backlinks.

Before you spend a fortune on backlinks, you should be aware that there are numerous easy strategies to increase your number of backlinks without doing so.

Best Ways To Create More Backlinks And Boost Your SEO In 2023

Backlinks – What are they and how do they work?


In this piece, we’ll go through 15 strategies for increasing backlinks and boosting your search engine rating.

Backlinks are crucial, as we all know.

A backlink is a connection that points to your website from another website.

Backlinks are sometimes confused with inbound or external links.

To help you understand, here’s an instance of a backlink:

Example of backlinks

Our website, creativethinksmedia.com, offers backlinks to a variety of blogs, services, portfolios, etc. How exactly do backlinks function to boost your search engine ranking?

Well, think about it in this particular way:

Having a backlink is similar to receiving a vote from another website for your website.

Your blog will rank higher in search engine results the more votes you receive.

All backlinks, however, are not created equal. There are specific types of backlinks you must obtain in order to raise your search engine ranking; it’s not just about getting as many as possible.

Backlinks from reputable websites and backlinks that are significant are required for your content or business.

How to use the wikipedia website to build backlinks when your website is consistent, relevant backlinks from other reliable providers

Your website can be recognised by search engines as authoritative and significant to the topic for which you are also rated.

Search engines will elevate your website higher on the search results page if they believe it to be authoritative.

How to Create backlink for SEO

Let’s explore 15 strategies to increase the number of backlinks to your website now that you are aware of the importance of backlinks in SEO.

1. Standard of Writing, link-worthy Material

Standard of Writing, link-worthy Material

Create your own material to provide other bloggers and business executives a reason to link back to your website.

You can’t just create any kind of content; you need to create quality, link-worthy content in order to get those backlinks.

Only your content will be linked to by other blogs and websites if it is important, valuable, actionable, and distinctive.

Do you wish to discover how to produce greater content?

View our entry-level advice for creating conversion-focused blog content.

Additionally, certain types of material receive more shares and backlinks than others.

Here are a few examples of content with the most backlinks.

“How-To” articles

How-to articles that instruct visitors on how to perform a task are ideal for generating backlinks to your website.

You may, for instance, create a blog article titled “How to Save Money for a Holiday” that travel blogs, financial and budgeting websites, travel agency websites, and other websites can link to.

Articles in the List

The items from the list that are frequently referred to as lists are just lists of articles.

Because they are so easy to read, the articles on the list are quite popular online.

The numerical list allows readers to rapidly search the article and read the sections that are relevant to them.

Some of the examples for the list article are:

The top 9 online tools for growing your audience and fan base

13 Email Newsletter Interface Tips to Increase Clicks and Interaction

Backlinks for SEO quizzes

A lot of people share quizzes online because, well, they’re entertaining!

like several quizzes on well-liked social media platforms and online publications like Scoopwhoop and Buzzfeed.

The Definitive Guidebooks:

No matter how entertaining it may be, you probably shouldn’t create a quiz like this if you want to increase the number of backlinks to your blog.

As we previously stated, you must obtain relevant backlinks.

To gain more backlinks from relevant websites, though, build a quiz that is pertinent to your niche rather than a charming Buzzfeed-Esque questionnaire.

How to Write a Blog and Article for SEO: The Complete Manuals

Because they may convey a topic to their audience without having to go into great detail themselves, authoritative resources are a favourite of bloggers.

Create extensive, educational instructions to increase your backlinks.

We’ve built several common definitive guides at creative thinks media, such as:

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

The Email Marketing Primer for Novices

Statistics Roundups:

2020 SEO Guide

Additionally, they cite statistics from other bloggers and websites to support their claims.

Utilize this to create your own statistics roundup message.

They created a rather impressive blog, similar to this website called IsItWP.

They compiled data and information from more than 100 WordPress blogs to generate a blog article.

Other WordPress-related websites and posts provide numerous backlinks to this post.

Any of these blog post concepts will assist you in swiftly obtaining free and natural backlinks, but we also need to draw attention to another distinctive type of material called content from Skyscraper.

In the following section, let’s examine the Skyscraper’s stuff.

2. Build content from Skyscraper

Build content from Skyscraper

Skyscraper content is a connection-building strategy that entails locating, improving, and copying backlinks to already popular internet material.

Simply conduct a Google search for the topic of your choice.

If you wish to produce a guide on social media marketing, for instance, type “social media marketing” into the search field.

The first page results should have the most backlinks because they are the most prevalent.

Choose an article from the top page of search results, then create a post that is 10X better.

You can lengthen and deepen your piece, including extra material that hasn’t been covered, or add photographs of a higher quality that aren’t in the original.

Your updated and improved content should rank far higher than the existing content on search engines.

Utilize a backlink checker tool like the one from Ahrefs to find the backlinks to the original post.

You can contact those websites until you have located every one of them, add your superior piece, and request that they link to your article rather than the original one.

3. Start blogging for Guest

Start blogging for Guest

A tried-and-true strategy for bringing in new customers to your business is guest blogging. Each guest post you secure will also include at least one byline backlink to your website.

For instance, the author of the guest pieces is given the opportunity to share a little bit of information about their background and expertise with the readers in the byline below and to provide a link to their own website.

A few newspapers also permit guest bloggers to provide a link to their own website within the article.

This suggests that you have control over which specific pages or articles on your website are linked to in the article.

Make contact with well-known blogs that accept guest posts.

Search only briefly on Google for terms like “discover sites that allow guest posts,”

  • [Keyword for topic] plus “write for us”
  • [Keyword for topic] plus “guest post”
  • [Keyword for the topic] plus “become a contributor”

It’s time to start submitting your pitch till you discover places where you can post!

Create a fascinating topic, give a succinct summary of the piece, and convince the site owner that their visitors would find your work useful.

A successful guest blogging approach will generate numerous backlinks and increase website traffic.

4. Build Infographics

As an alternative to creating extensive, in-depth blog pieces, which can take a lot of time, you can instead utilise infographics to build connections.

Infographics are visual displays of data or information that are used to quickly present specifics.

Since infographics are visual, they are one of the most widely shared content formats online.

There are now 656 links leading to this infographic, The Everyday Lives of Popular Creative People, from other web pages.

Other blogs and newspapers can utilise educational, amusing infographics to spruce up their own content and link back to the original author, you.

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to create an awesome-looking infographic, so don’t worry.

A variety of tools are available for the creation of visual content that make it simple to generate infographics.

You can make use of Canva and Piktochart for nothing.

5. Comment on Blogs of high quality

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to leave comments on blogs.

However, blog comments must be written properly.

You could come seen as spammy if you leave several comments on blogs without any purpose other than having spam.

To avoid coming across as a spammer, consider using blog comments as a method to engage with the community.

You can connect with your peers and share your thoughts or suggestions by leaving comments on blogs.

Follow these measures when leaving a blog comment:

Name the original poster and thank them for posting.

Hey John, here’s another fantastic message, for example.

Share some advice you’ve learned that could help the author or other readers.

Include a link to your website or a relevant blog article.

When posting a link to a comment, be aware that the site owner may delete it if they believe it to be spam.

To avoid this, you should sign up for a commenting account or use the comment tool to add your URL where it belongs.

Don’t just leave comments on any blog, though.

Make careful to pick reputable blogs with a domain authority of 60 or above.

A tool like MozBar can be used to check a blog’s domain authority.

This strategy functions equally well in internet forums.

Try to find forums on the internet that are pertinent to your niche and participate in the conversation there as well.

6. Reply to Quora Questions

Like leaving a comment on a blog, you can also answer questions on Quora.

Users can ask, answer, and edit questions on Quora, a question-and-answer website.

On Quora, questions pertaining to your niche can be located, addressed with your professional counsel, and linked back to your website.

Create a free Quora account to get started.

Answering Quora Questions Increases Backlinks

Then, enter your keyword(s) in the search box to locate niche-relevant topics.

For instance, enter “fitness” in the search bar if it is your area of expertise.

Select a fitness-related Quora Space and search for a question you can answer.

Make sure to provide a thoughtful response to the question rather than insignificant details, as Quora may flag your post or deactivate your account.

Simply respond to the question and include a link to your website in your response.

This not only helps you increase the number of backlinks to your website, but it also encourages Quora users to check out your website to see what other tips you have to offer.

7. Giving testimonials

More backlinks to your blog can be obtained by showing some love to other businesses.

If you adore a product or service, you can agree to give a testimonial to that company in exchange for a link back to your website.

A website devoted to client success stories or the homepage of many businesses will prominently display social evidence testimonials.

For instance, these Shopify customers who were happy with the service gave their recommendations and received a link to their personal websites.

Select goods and services that are relevant to your sector or that will assist you in managing your business.

Make sure the products you seek are available on a website with a high domain authority (above 60).

By connecting your website to a well-known website, you will receive higher-quality backlinks for SEO.

8. Look for Pages for tools

A list of resources and connections that website owners believe their readers will find valuable can be found on their resource pages.

For instance, a fly fishing website might feature a page of resources that connects to listings of the finest fishing locations, suggested fishing gear, and fly fishing advice for novices.

If you run a fishing-related blog or run a business that offers fishing-related goods, you can get in touch with the owners of these resource pages and ask them to include you to the list.

Keep in mind that many websites only included resources that they themselves were familiar with and used.

Instead than asking for a mention directly, consider suggesting a cooperation.

This gives the website’s owner a better understanding of the product, and it gives you a far better chance to establish a connection.

To identify relevant resource pages, perform a quick Google search for your specialty keyword and words like “useful resource pages.”

You might also try searching for “resource list” or “helpful links.”

By getting added to the right resource pages, it will assist you in building more backlinks to your website and driving more traffic from your target audience or readers.

9. Help out a Reporter

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a website where journalists can solicit feedback from the public for use in upcoming reporting.

This helps journalists with their reporting and gives you opportunities to earn backlinks for your website.

If you run a snow removal company, for instance, you might provide a reporter your suggestions on how to get residents ready for a major snowfall.

They can include your comments in their post and, of course, link back to your blog.

All you need to do is register with HARO, and they will send source requests that are crucial to your knowledge of or experience in the sector directly to your inbox.

If they’re interested, pitch it to them, and the reporter will get in touch with you.

10. Be Interviewed

Be Interviewed

In addition to registering for HARO, you can also contact publications, blogs, and even vloggers to arrange interviews.

Writing an online interview is a great strategy to get a backlink to your website.

Do some online research to locate websites and publications that frequently publish online interviews relevant to your business.

If you’re a blogger, you can start by checking out the “Meet the Bloggers” interview series that used to be on the website BloggingTips.

You can reach out to the websites you discover and express your interest in conducting interviews with them using a polite email.

Don’t forget to briefly describe your background and why their readers could find it interesting.

Once you establish yourself as an authority in your profession, interview invitations will start to come in, so you won’t need to actively seek them out.

11. Using Marketing by Influencers

In recent years, influencer marketing has become more prevalent.

Your website can be promoted, linked to, written about, put on social media, and more when you work with an influencer.

Paying an influencer to promote your website may appear expensive, especially for influencers with millions of followers.

But fortunately, you may work with micro-influencers at a lower cost and typically with more interaction (with follow-ups ranging from 10,000 to 100,000).

Additionally, some influencers are eager to promote your website in return for complimentary things rather than money.

Therefore, work to reach a compromise that benefits both parties.

A website like BuzzStream is a good place to look for influencers who are relevant to your industry.

Use Buzzstream to identify influencers and establish connections with them.

12. Reclaim Your Notes

You miss the chance to get a backlink to your website if you discuss it on the website but do not include a link to it.

Make it your responsibility to gather your mentions in order to overcome this issue.

If your business is mentioned on the internet without any link, you can check using an Awario tool.

Awario will notify you whenever you are featured online.

If you come across a reference without a link, it’s time to take action.

They already know who you are because the author of the article referenced your business.

So all you have to do is send them a cordial email requesting them to include a link in the guide.

Just make sure you’re only contacting authors that have listed your company in a favourable manner.

You don’t have to say, for instance, that a blog writer gave your goods a poor rating.

13. Fixing the Links which are broken

Have you ever clicked on a link on the internet and ended up on a 404 error page?

It might be due of its general popularity.

Did you know, though, that you may use a 404 error to increase the number of backlinks to your website?

When you come across a resource page with a broken link, it’s the ideal time to replace it with your own.

A 404 error happens when a website is taken down.

The broken link is also unfavourable for that website’s SEO.

Therefore, get in touch with the website’s proprietor and inform them that you discovered a broken link on their resource page.

You can give the website owner your own material to replace it.

Of course, discovering broken links on resource sites is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, you can use a Chrome extension like Search My Links to make it simpler to find broken links.

14. Using the Form of Moving Man

Another method for mending relationships that has been popularised by Brian Dean at Backlinko is known as the “Moving Man Approach.”

Instead of looking for 404 pages this time, you’re seeking for websites or services that contain links to websites that have closed, changed names, moved, or discontinued a product/service.

Users are typically taken to a blank page when one site connects to another that has undergone either of these adjustments.

This is distinct from forging new bonds because the existing relationships are only outmoded and not necessarily broken.

To find pages that have changed or moved, you can quickly search Google for terms like:

Key phrase plus “page no longer exists” or “service no longer available”

Using a tool like Ahrefs, you can discover all the links pointing to the out-of-date page once you’ve found a page that satisfies the criteria.

Then, notify the site’s owner and offer to take it down and replace it with your own content.

They’ll probably be happy to get your backlink to update their website.

15. Competitor Spying

If you want to increase the number of backlinks to your website, it’s wise to take advice from the experts.

By watching your rivals, you can learn the link-building strategies that make them so successful.

You may monitor your competitors’ link-building tactics in a number of ways, including:

Sign up for their email list to get informed whenever they release new content.

Setting up a Google Alert for their company name so that they may always be found online

Using a tool like Monitor Backlinks, check the backlinks of your main rivals.

When you find out the link-building techniques your competitors are utilising more frequently, you may follow their lead to achieve similar success.

You may learn how to develop backlinks just as effectively as your competitors by spying on them.

With time and some practise, you can eventually surpass them in the search engine rankings.

There, you’ve got it!

There are now 15 additional strategies to increase the number of backlinks you have and boost your search engine ranking.

Your website will swiftly rise to the top of the search engine results if you start putting some of these suggestions into practise.

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