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What Is a Real Estate Consultant Complete Guide

Complete Guide about Real Estate Consultant will be described in this article. A real estate consultant offers clients wishing to buy or develop property professional guidance and recommendations. As opposed to residential buyers and sellers, real estate consultants typically work with commercial real estate investors.

The terms “real estate counsellors” and “real estate advisors” are also used to describe them. A real estate licence and a Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) accreditation are often required for real estate consultants.

  1. Real estate consultants are professionals that work “behind the scenes.”

They do in-depth research to support clients’ decision-making at each stage of a project.

Their responsibility is to guarantee the client’s overall investment performance rather than concentrating on a single transaction.

  1. A real estate consultant often works as an independent consultant or for a sizable consulting organisation.

The amount they are paid varies on the kind of job they conduct, but the majority of real estate consultants are paid on an hourly or flat rate basis.


A real estate consultant offers a range of services to assist investors get the most out of their real estate investments.

Real estate consultants provide expert guidance to building contractors, home builders, real estate investors, and investment banks.

What Is a Real Estate Consultant Complete Guide In 2023

A real estate consultant & Real Estate Consultant agent differ significantly in several important ways.

What does a real estate consultant do?

What does a real estate consultant do

Real estate consultants advise clients based on thorough study and sector knowledge. The initial meeting with the client to go over primary and secondary objectives is the first phase. After the goals are established, a real estate consultant creates a strategy to reach them as cheaply as possible.

The kind of customer a real estate consultant works with will determine the precise role they play. For instance, before the site is even secured, consultants for a property development project are sometimes employed.

The client looks to the real estate consultant to verify the investment’s viability.

The consultant accomplishes this by visiting the site of the intended project, speaking with local real estate agents, and researching market trends.

Types of Real Estate Consulting

Although some real estate consultants may work with a variety of customers, many specialise in dealing with a single type of business.

Here are a few instances of typical real estate consultancy kinds.

Property Development

Property Development

Real estate consultants are employed to provide guidance on all phases of commercial and real estate development projects.

In charge to accomplish this, it may be necessary to undertake feasibility studies, competitive evaluations, and explore suitable development sites.

  1. Typically, consultants that work for developers come from a sales or marketing experience.

To create a property that is competitive and unique in the market, developers turn to consultants for insight into buyer trends.

  1. Interior designers may also collaborate with some real estate consultants.

Real Estate Investors

A real estate consultant can help investors manage the process of adding real estate to their portfolio.

To make sure the purchase is a wise financial choice for the buyer, the real estate consultant does economic analysis in this capacity.

  1. An analysis of the pricing, supply, and demand of the particular property type or region may serve as the starting point.

The consultant then assesses the property’s marketability to calculate earnings given the state of the market.

The findings of this study are applied to calculate the buyer risk and potential return on investment.

The consultant may also examine insurance policies and property appraisals.

Consulting Firms

A wide range of services are provided by large consulting firms to assist in estimating the value of a development project or real estate investment.

They offer real estate consulting services to corporate real estate groups, other investors, lenders, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Real estate analysts that work for consulting organisations carry out market research, undertake due diligence, and provide lease advising and portfolio services.

Additionally, they support positioning, strategy, financial modelling, and analytics related to real estate portfolios.

Residential Clients

In addition to their regular real estate business, some real estate brokers also provide consultancy services.

In this scenario, the consultant would assist the buyer in determining whether a purchase was a wise financial decision.

They will examine at every facet of a potential deal and take into account the objectives of the buyer.

The consultant can offer entirely objective and unbiased advise because they are not paid on commission.

How Real Estate Consultants Are Paid

How Real Estate Consultants Are Paid

The client and the kind of company a real estate consultant works for determine how much they are paid. A real estate consultant is paid a set rate, an hourly rate, or by deliverable, as opposed to a real estate agent who is paid on commission.

They might also bill a consultancy fee per hour. The average real estate consultant makes $94,000 a year, with a $62,000 average salary for entry-level positions, according to Zippia.

However, for a consultant employed by a sizable, reputable firm, this amount would probably be higher.

Real Estate Consultant Vs. Real Estate Agent

A licenced professional is called a real estate agent and they are engaged to help with the buying or selling of real estate. Real estate brokers, who have additional training and licencing, are required to be used by real estate agents in the majority of states.

A real estate agent may represent the buyer, the seller, or occasionally both parties. A seller’s representative, also referred to as a listing agent, lists the property and coordinates buyer offers.

A buyer’s agent suggests houses to a buyer and helps with the offer process. The two agents work to complete a contract and finalise an offer on behalf of their customers. To get the greatest deal for their clients, they bargain with one another.

It is not mandatory for real estate agents to do research or offer recommendations on real estate purchases. They are there to make sure that both buyers and sellers have a seamless transaction. Typically, they receive a commission based on a percentage of the sale price of the property.

The Bottom Line

The Verdict Real estate experts offer a range of services to various clientele. Nevertheless, clients ultimately employ a real estate consultant regardless of the industry they are in to make sure they will realise their desired return on investment.

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