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Ways To Sell Your Services Online Using WordPress

Ways To sell your services online wordpress will be discussed in this article. Content on Themeisle is free. We receive a commission when you make a transaction using one of our website’s referral links. It is imperative to have a website if you want to advertise your services. After all, many people search online before even attempting to look for new products in physical locations. In other words, you might be missing out on possible business if you don’t know how to sell your services online.

Any company that wants to establish an online presence needs a website that looks professional. Even if you have little expertise with online development, platforms like WordPress let you build amazing websites. Moreover, WordPress’ plugins like WooCommerce make it straightforward to sell goods and services online. In this article, we’ll delve a little deeper into the reasons WordPress is such a dependable platform for selling your services online. After that, we’ll show you how to sell your services on your WordPress website in three different methods. Let’s start working!

Ways To Sell Your Services Online Using WordPress

In this article, you can know about Ways To Sell Your Services Online Using WordPress here are the details below;

How WordPress can help you sell your services online. Click to Tweet How WordPress can help you sell your services online. WordPress is a versatile tool that you can use to create a website and add a number of useful features to it. It can, for instance, assist you in setting up shops that sell digital goods, which are ideal for offering online services.

WordPress’s control panel

WordPress's control panel.

WordPress is ideal for marketing your services online for a number of additional factors, including:

  • You can make it more useful. Thanks to its plugin and theme features, WordPress offers almost limitless customizability.
  • It is extremely inexpensive to set up a website with it. A WordPress website can be set up and managed for surprisingly little money.
  • It functions with a variety of payment methods. You can connect WordPress with the most widely used payment gateways thanks to the plugin system. That basically means you can take any kind of payment you want.
  • There are plugins made specifically for utility companies. With the appropriate plugins, you can simply handle appointment scheduling or sell consultations.
  • It’s alright if you haven’t changed your mind yet. We’ll walk you through three real-world approaches to using WordPress to promote and sell your services online in order to demonstrate what it is capable of.

Three WordPress methods for selling your services online

Three WordPress methods for selling your services online

No matter which technique you choose, keep in mind that WordPress must first be set up and operational. That entails choosing a hosting package, registering a name, and setting up the free WordPress software. After completing all of that, you can begin formulating ideas for using WordPress to market and sell your services.

1. Use pricing tables to outline your services and plans

The best way to allow users to compare your products is with pricing tables. The inclusion of pricing tables can be advantageous for almost any business website. With this feature, you can quickly compare your plans with prospective customers by promoting all of your services side by side. Since everything is given in one section, they don’t need to search for the information.

In most cases, you should only use pricing tables if you plan to give services in different tiers. For instance, if you provide discounts for bundling several services together up front, a pricing chart can be an efficient way to demonstrate that. (and push people towards the option you want them to choose).

The topic of price charts has already been covered. In fact, we wrote a full article on how to use the Responsive Pricing Table plugin to create your own pricing table. Recently, however, we’ve developed a preference for Easy Pricing Tables:

  • WordPress Plugin for Pricing Tables – Simple Pricing TablesWordPress Plugin for Pricing Tables – Simple Pricing Tables

This specific tool is not only more modern, but it also comes with ten pre-built layouts that make it easier for you to set up tables quickly. Additionally, it supports Google Analytics tracking and works with a variety of payment processors. Additionally, Easy Pricing Tables provides comprehensive starting documentation.

2. Set up an appointment booking service

You can employ WordPress to sell your services online with the assistance of an online booking feature. You can add scheduling features to your website using WordPress plugins. You can effectively organize your calendar thanks to reservations. Even clients who prefer not to schedule meetings via phone or email may find you more appealing as a result of them.

WordPress allows you to add this feature using plugins, just like with pricing tables. In reality, we’ve previously written about using the Easy Appointments plugin to give WordPress appointment booking capabilities. However, complex organizations with many employees are best suitable for using that tool. You’ll definitely want something a little easier to use if you’re working alone, like Booking Calendar:

The setup process for this simple plugin is much easier than that of Easy Appointments, but it provides the same fundamental functionality. No need to setup numerous employees or locations. In reality, all you need to do to use it right away is add a shortcode to the desired location for the booking calendar. The only thing left to do is specify the days that you are accessible.

3. Create a mailing list to promote your services

Create a mailing list to promote your services

You can build a database of individuals who are interested in your services using mailing lists. Your chances of converting them when you reach out are better the more individuals you have on your list. Additionally, they are probably already interested in your offerings if they joined up.

In general, mailing lists are ideal for any business that relies on loyal clients. You can provide special deals and rebates for your subscribers, among other things. You’ll need a platform that can manage signups and communications in order to accomplish this.

In the past, we’ve discussed how to complete both of these chores using MailPoet. However, because you have to set up an SMTP provider for it, using this utility can be challenging. Another choice is to use a tool like SendinBlue that can manage everything by itself:

Although SendinBlue is a third-party service, its free plan allows unlimited subscribers and up to 9000 emails per month. Additionally, you can easily integrate it with WordPress courtesy of their official plugin. Sendinblue’s newsletter, SMTP, email marketing, and subscribe formsSendinblue’s newsletters, SMTP servers, email marketing tools, and subscribe forms

If you want to extend your customer base, you must actively promote your services online. A fully-featured website is the best method to convey to people that you’re serious about the services you offer and helps you build trust.


To describe your programs and services, use pricing tables. Create a reservation tool for your website. To advertise your deals, create a mailing list. Do you have any inquiries about using WordPress to sell your services online? Let’s discuss them in the area below for comments! FREE GUIDE 5 Crucial Tips to Boost WordPress Site Speed By simply adhering to some basic advice, you can even cut your loading time by 50–80%.  If you click on one of the product links and then buy the item, we will receive a small commission. This post includes affiliate links. But don’t worry, you’ll still pay the regular price, so there’s no expense on your end.


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