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3 STL Editors To Help You Edit STL

Best Free STL Editors will be described in this article. The industrial industry and the rest of the world have been profoundly transformed by 3D. Despite the fact that 3D printing was created thirty years ago, it has only just begun to gain popularity as a result of enormous exposure it received in digital media, particularly the Internet.

People may create personalised tools, devices, and more with the utmost comfort and ease thanks to 3D printing. However, most people are curious in how to alter STL files when it comes to 3D printing.

A free STL editor would typically suffice in this situation, but selecting the best STL editing software is crucial to achieving the greatest results.

Why would someone need an STL editor?

The first step in 3D printing is to generate a blueprint for the object that will be produced, and the process is completed by printing the object in accordance with the blueprint.

Basically, creating a proper blueprint is crucial in this situation. In terms of 3D printing, STL is the most popular format. Despite being readily available, pre-made STL files cannot be altered to suit a person’s preferences. An STL editor may create an STL file, which serves as the blueprint for a 3D-printed object, which is where it comes in.

In order to create a design, an STL file can be modified and customised in any way. One may easily learn the ins and outs of 3D printing with an STL editor, as well as how to use the STL files to print their design correctly.

Additionally, since creating a fantastic design with an STL editor requires ingenuity, it helps people rediscover a sense of accomplishment. One can make money by selling their custom designs and products through internet stores if they are proficient with STL editors and can print out numerous designs. STL designs are frequently sold online by individuals.

Best 3 Free STL Editors To Help You Edit STL In 2023

In this article, you can know about 3 STL Editors To Help You Edit STL here are the details below;

Selecting a free STL editor to edit STL files is crucial since STL editors play a significant role in 3D printing and design creation.

The three top STL editing programmes are listed below:

  • This STL is both open-source and free.
  • Multiple functions are included in this free STL editor under various areas.



FreeCAD offers incredibly useful capabilities in the Drawing, Draft, and Design categories for creating 3D printing models that are just correct. Also check HR Ticketing System

Here is a link to a free editor.

Opening FreeCAD and choosing “File” and then “New” to start a new document are the first two steps in using the programme to edit STL files.

  1. Select the object that will be changed by selecting File, Import, from the menu options.

AST, OBJ, and STL are all supported by FreeCAD in addition to STL.

  1. The workbench choice should now be set to “Part.”
  2. In the ‘Model’ window, the imported object needs to be selected.
  3. Click any face that needs to be changed after the object has been presented.
  4. Users can design new shapes or modify already existing ones by selecting the Sketch option.



One of the most complex and cutting-edge free STL editors, it is brimming with useful and practical features. In addition to 3D printing models and editing, it also supports video clips, game creations, and many other things.

It also includes a number of sophisticated algorithms that give customers access to a model surface that is smoother and more flawless.

Blender is the multiple suitable option for someone who cares about the intricacies when modifying STL files. Users can choose and import the STL file they want to edit or alter by clicking File > Import > STL.

The user can view every element of their design by switching the mode from Object to Edit. The user can now easily alter, add, or remove any component of their design to acquire the exact design they want thanks to Blender’s designing options.

The design can then be exported by choosing File, Export, and then STL files after the editing is complete.



MeshMixer is among the greatest and easiest-to-use STL editor programmes. Most novices like using this free STL editor to edit STL files since it is very simple to use. A built-in slicer tool in MeshMixer also enables users to export changed or altered designs straight to a 3D printer. Also check Workzone Alternatives

An STL file may be imported using the import option in the File menu. The next action is to select the Make Solid menu item under Edit. Users of this software can designate the items in a design for deletion or editing by choosing the appropriate option from the main menu. The MeshMix option makes it easier to incorporate new forms or shapes to the design.

Once the editing process is complete, the Export option under the File menu can be used to quickly export the design. Also check Foneazy Unlockit Android Screen Unlocker Review

Anyone interested in 3D printing, creating new models, or just passionate about this field is welcome to share knowledge, ideas, or goods with us.

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