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Top 10 Sublime Text Alternatives You Can Use In 2023

Best Sublime Text Alternatives will be discussed in this article. To assist you in finding the most appropriate text editor, we have put together a list of the top substitutes.

It can be a little intimidating and stressful to choose the text editor that is ideal for you with so many options available.

While the majority of individuals decide to continue using the ones that come highly recommended, some developers go in search of the ideal Programming Text Editor that satisfies all of their requirements and checks all of the boxes.

  • Third in popularity is Sublime Text Editor.
  • There are many coders who favour it as their editor of choice.
  • Amazing variety of bundles and themes are available!
  • Additionally, it offers outstanding package support.
  • For its quickness, ease of use, and robust plugin ecosystem, Sublime is highly regarded.
  • It has a quick editor and is adaptable.
  • Sublime clearly outperforms the majority of text editors.
  • Sublime Text Editor’s Best Features

— The text editor is cross-platform.

Utilizing split windows

Free of Charge

– Low resource and weight consumption

– The best tools application for developers

– It is really simple to customise menus, macros, and snippets.

– More than 100 locally created packages

If Sublime isn’t working for you despite being a good coding environment.

Top 10 Sublime Text Alternatives You Can Use In 2023

Top 10 Sublime Text Alternatives You Can Use are explained here.

1. Atom


GitHub created Atom, an open-source text editor.

It is also cost-free.

It is cross-platform and functions on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Since many of plugins have been developed, Atom is currently one of the most sought-after Test Editors. Also check Reasons To Hire Advertising Agencies

What makes Atom so fantastic?

The fuzzy finder

It contains a Fuzzy Finder that makes it incredibly simple to index your current projects and search through any file you desire.

Perform operations and actions like cutting and pasting folders using the tree view.

copying a file’s project path.

The fastest file opening and file viewing in our current project.

– Package installer: Makes it simple to instal new packages and themes.

simple phrases or package searches.

Scrollable source code view with a minimap.

It forces you to view the file and folder organisation of your project in a tree view.

– Modules – Automatic Code indentation – Autocomplete

– Provides Sublime Text-like plugins

2. Notepad +++

Notepad +++

For editing source code on Microsoft Windows, Notepad ++ is the ideal Sublime Alternative and a free Text Editor.

The increment operator in programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, and JavaScript, is represented by the symbol “++” in Notepad.

What Makes Notepad ++ Great?

– Using regular expressions to perform advanced find and replace

Text files can be created and edited on many operating systems with Multi OS Editing Text.

– Split-screen, which enables concurrent editing and viewing of multiple files or portions of a single file.

Macros automate routine tasks by recording and running them.

– Functions to find and replace

– Use the JAVA file extension when saving as text.

– Faster programme execution and reduced programme size

3. Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor

The IntelliSense mechanism is used by Visual Studio Code, a code editor and debugger, to fix your code. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

Microsoft built it, and GitHub is where it is kept.

The most popular text editor in recent years has been Visual Studio.

It makes it easier for programmers to develop code.

It features a built-in command-line interface with some incredibly helpful and practical tools to aid you in coding.

What Makes Visual Studio Code Editor Great?

– Continuous integration in seconds – Quicker and more frequent app development

Multiple programming languages are supported through the built-in multi-language support.

– Intelli-sense: identifies incomplete code fragments, etc.

– Cross-platform compatibility – Operates on systems running Windows, Linux, and Mac.

– Supports all programming languages with extensions

The built-in support for Web applications is called “Web Support.”

Online resources for – Git Support- can be retrieved from GitHub repositories or vice versa.

– No cost to use

4. VIM


Coders that want to advance beyond the standard capabilities of text editors should use VIM Text Editor.

An improved variant of VI is “VIM.”

With many text editing features, it is a very capable text editor.

UNIX commands and ctags are interfaced with by “VI” commands.

It is not a graphical user interface text editor like Notepad++, Sublime, or Visual Code Studio. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

You can get a GUI using a different installation called gVim.

VIM is used because of its enhanced capabilities and simple cheat sheets.

What makes VIM fantastic?

– Command-line editor: this enhances functionality for you.

– The existence of cheat sheets

– Allows for simple text searching, text extraction, and syntax highlighting across a variety of computer languages.

The development of interactive commands, tagging, ctags, utilities, etc. are examples of advanced features.

Complex text-related operations can be handled by -Command centric- with just a few commands.

5. Brackets


JavaScript, CSS, and HTML were combined to create Brackets.

Atom (another sublime Text Alternative) is a closed-source text editor, in contrast to this one, which is open-source. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

It is simple to instal on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (both 233 or 64 bit).

You can see the current page while working on Brackets in a live preview that doesn’t need to be manually refreshed to check for updates. Also check Polar Photo Editor Alternatives

What makes brackets so great?

Extending Brackets: It offers a sizable selection of extensions.

-It features add-ons for code folding, snippets, and even smart highlighting, which are all excellent reasons to purchase it.

Another addon, Markdown Preview, divides the screen into two panels: one for editing and the other for the live preview.

The “Auto Prefixer” module automatically inserts vendor prefixes to the necessary rules, etc., after parsing CSS declarations.

6. Light Tables

Light Tables

Alternative to Sublime: Light Table Editor

Another popular Sublime Text alternative is Light Table.

It is swift and incredibly simple to use.

Larger files are known to be handled by it.

Despite this, it manages larger files more quickly than sublime.

Light tables can work on and open a 25MB file far more quickly than Sublime can.

Additionally, it requires less hardware than brackets do.

Simple table follow-ups with workspaces, preview panes in the browser, live editing, auto-complete, code analysis, and many more. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

What makes Light Tables so fantastic?

– To aid in the development of web technologies

– Live preview: When you open a website, you can see changes as they happen right away.

Quick CSS Edit

It Has an animation timing bezier curve editor, a colour picker, an image previewer, and code completion.

-Comes with excellent extensions like the CSS shape editor and Theseus JavaScript debugger.

7. UltraEdit


A very capable and adaptable text editor, UltraEdit is said to be.

It is intended for a wide range of users, including database managers, web developers, publishers, editors, and academics. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

It’s understandable why it’s referred regarded as the most flexible text editor.

It is an editor that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X.

The majority of programming languages are supported by UltraEdit, another text editor.

It is designed to handle large files, even those that have a size of 4GB, just like Light Table and other similar text editors.

What makes UltraEdit so fantastic?

– Exceptionally adaptable

– Deals with large files

– Functions as a hex editor and web design programme.

– Editing with multiple carets, multiple selection, and more

– Highlighting of syntax

– Tree-based file structure

– Website creation

8. Kakoune


Kakoune offers a fantastic interface and a fairly predictable coding environment.

This text editor was inspired by Vim, but it also looks and functions quite similarly to VIM.This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

Karoune, however, has its own own singing and operating style, creating its own editor rather than being referred to as a different VIM.

An open-source, quick, and highly customizable code editor is available for free with Kakoune.

As a Sublime Text alternative, this makes it even more popular.

Clients can login and edit throughout the current session thanks to its client/server architecture.

What makes Kakoune wonderful?

— Highlighting of syntax

– Code auto-completion as you type

– It accommodates various programming languages

– Provides sophisticated primitives for manipulating text

9. Codelobster


Web designers and developers utilise Codelosbter to create codes and build websites.

Codelobster is renowned for being a versatile editor and for being incredibly resourceful.

Like Sublime Text Editor, Codelobster provides you with a multitude of tools and plug-ins for efficient coding.

One of the main advantages of utilising CodeLobster is that it provides add-ins that make working with well-known CMS and frameworks simpler.

You may get completely functional support for JavaScript libraries, Node.js, AngularJS, and many other technologies using Codelobster.

What makes CodeLobster so fantastic?

– Highlight code: Different colours are used to highlight different sorts of code.

Code completion is done for you by “Autocomplete”

Code Inspector makes it simple to change codes between languages.

– Supports 17 languages for user interfaces

10. Lime Text

Lime Text

Experimental Sublime Text Editor clone Lime Text is well-known for this.

Similar to Sublime Text, it is strong and sophisticated.

It is entirely open-source and implemented in the Go programming language, which was created specifically for front-end development in any language the user desires. This is another Sublime Text Alternatives.

What makes Lime Text so special?

– Its compatibility with the colour schemes used by Textmate

– Once more, it is compatible with the Python Plugin API for Sublime Text.

– Its compliance with the key bindings and settings in Sublime Text

– Several cursors

– Modular structure

What is the most useful Text Editor for Developers? is a question from the FAQ section.

“What are the Best Sublime Text Alternatives?

Ans: This decision could be made very quickly!

To choose the ideal Best Sublime Text Alternative, we just need to compare the most favoured and well-liked ones.

Things to consider for perfection

Choose the best Sublime Text Editor Alternative for your needs.

– Carefully read the benefits and drawbacks.

– Pay close attention to the user testimonials.

– Determine which Sublime Alternative meets your demands the most.

– Before installing the Editor, check for any programme upgrades and other technical requirements.


Even if there are many Amazing text editors available on the market, choosing the best one for you can quickly become agonising if you haven’t even considered utilising a Sublime text editor alternative in the near future.

We did our multiple useful to compile a list of the most favoured and highly regarded Sublime alternatives above, and we hope we were successful in influencing your choice.

There are numerous text editors and coding environments available, thus we have not included all of the very finest of them.

Feel free to select one of our other suggested Sublime Text substitutes in this situation, including Eclipse, Textmate 2.0, Gedit, Geany, PhpStorm, and GnuEmacs.


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