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Top 5 Free Online Survey Makers In 2023

Best free online survey makers will be described in this discussed in this article. Have you ever thought, “I wonder how my workers are feeling as we approach the end of the year,” or “It’d be really useful to get feedback directly from my customers”? It can be very beneficial to gain this kind of insight into your team members, consumers, or customers.

Online surveys are another simple method to communicate directly with your target audience. Respondents to your surveys can provide you with information and feedback that you can use to inform your choices in the future. Numerous internet survey tools are either completely free to use or have free versions. We’ll look at a few choices first, and then we’ll address some starting-out-related questions you might have.

You can learn more from surveys than you can from social media engagement. Send an email to your most devoted audience with a survey attached, or place a feedback form on your website for users to share their experiences.

The best survey platforms that you can use to compile survey data and carry out market research are listed below alphabetically.

Top 5 Best free online survey makers In 2023

Top 5 Best free online survey makers are explained here.

1.  AskNicely


Use the free web survey tool AskNicely to collect Net Promoter Score (NPS) information.

NPS surveys are frequently used to gauge client satisfaction.

You can learn whether customers are satisfied with their experience on your website by looking at the responses to queries that they are asked on a scale from 1 to 10.

With customer workflow tools like MailChimp, Zapier, and others, AskNicely provides integrations.

This enables those who design surveys to gauge client satisfaction in real time.

Sadly, AskNicely’s pricing policy is not made available to the public on their website.

You can use a free demo to get a better idea of the cost before speaking with an agent.

2. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google Forms lives up to expectations as one of the best free online survey tools, and the Google suite is one of the best collections of collaborative tools accessible.

You can export the data to Excel or another database in addition to having Google Sheets automatically store the answers it receives from Google Forms.

One drawback of Google Forms is that people can reply to the same survey multiple times if they do not log into a Google Workspace account.

This might affect how you respond.

But it’s a completely free survey maker that’s user-friendly for both survey creators and users.

Compared to the other choices on this list, Google Forms offers fewer templates and fewer survey design components.

But it’s completely free for as many polls as you want.

3. JotForm


A well-liked survey maker is JotForm.

Its ease of use combined with extensive design flexibility really put it apart from other survey software.

It integrates with more than a hundred other applications and offers a selection of over 7,000 templates.

You can drag-and-drop different widgets to offer respondents the option to e-sign, embed files, or snap a picture with their webcam when designing an online survey.

Users of JotForm’s free edition can create up to five online forms, receive up to 100 submissions per month, and access 100 MB of storage.

Paid versions start at $24 per month and increase in price as more features and storage are added for bigger plans.

4. SurveyMonkey


Users of SurveyMonkey can quickly create surveys and quizzes that they can use to learn more about their community.

Short surveys with 10 or fewer questions perform best in the free version.

You have access to 40 survey templates while using the free version, which can help you create surveys swiftly and easily.

To ensure that your survey is well-designed, you can preview how it will appear on computers, tablets, and mobile devices as you are creating it.

You must select one of the paid membership options to gain access to more advanced features like more templates, more questions, and the ability to take payments directly from surveys (features vary depending on the plan you select).

The monthly membership fee is $25 per individual.

Depending on your needs, each level of membership provides new features that might be useful.

5. Typeform


You can customise the survey templates, fonts, and colours on Typeform, an online survey maker, to match your identity and style.

The customer is at the centre of Typeform’s design and questionnaire creation processes.

Typeform employs skip logic, even in the free version, to let users skip directly to the survey questions that are most pertinent to them.

Skip logic is a feature that survey creators usually reserve for paying members, so having access to it in the free version makes it special.

The user-friendly interface enables the survey creator to see what respondents will see; this sneak preview can increase your trust in the functionality of your own survey.

The free version has a cap of ten questions per survey, but the paid versions allow you to ask your public an unlimited number of questions.

Prices for these start at $25 per month when buying a year in advance and increase from there to accommodate more users and extra features like the ability to incorporate Google Analytics and survey more users.

What should I use: Polls or quizzes?

Both polls and tests have advantages and disadvantages.

You can see various kinds of customer feedback by using different question types.

Surveys typically contain more information than polls, whereas polls are faster and simpler to complete.

Theoretically, a poll may yield more responses, but a survey may yield more comprehensive data.

Consider conducting a survey to obtain more in-depth feedback.

This implies that since surveys take longer to complete, they may have lower response rates and require more time to evaluate.

On the other side, respondents can more easily understand polls.

The majority of the queries will probably be multiple choice or yes/no questions.

Polls can be more easily integrated into your organization’s plan because they can be converted into percentage analyses much more easily than surveys can.

How should I analyze survey responses?

Make sure you have a strategy in place for how you’re going to use the data once you’ve received the findings!

For instance, you would use survey findings differently if you were measuring employee satisfaction as opposed to customer satisfaction.

As the survey creator, you can decide whether to distribute the questionnaire to targeted demographics in order to collect responses from them or to have it appear as a pop-up on the website in order to collect responses from anyone who views the page.

No matter how many people fill out the survey, being more deliberate about how you construct the questions will help you learn what you need to know through it.

Here are some queries to consider as you begin designing your survey:

What do I hope to discover?

What will I alter as a result of the data I gather?

Which survey or poll should I use depends on how much time my team and I can afford to invest analysing the responses.

You can develop a strategy for reviewing the survey data if you are clear about the data you need and the purposes for which you will use it.

How can I Get people to respond to my survey?

It can be difficult to get website visitors, loyal customers, or employees to reply to a survey.

As a way of saying “thank you” for their time and advice, think about rewarding them with a discount code or access to a unique feature.

Following are some suggestions for raising survey answer rates:

Make sure everything is functioning properly; people are unlikely to participate in an online survey that is buggy or contains confusing spelling mistakes.

Perform a test run to ensure everything is working properly before sending the survey link to your entire mailing list.

Give the respondent a coupon discount code; this has the additional benefit of possibly increasing their chance of making a purchase from you!

People adore the opportunity to win a fun prize, so mention it when you send out the survey to the recipients that if they respond, they will automatically enter a giveaway!

Inform them of the raffle’s date and prizes available (it could be anything from an Amazon gift card to a free consultation with you).

People are more likely to answer to a survey when they can see how their responses matter. Assist people in understanding how the survey will benefit them.

Inform your survey participants how their responses are influencing the direction your business is taking after you have gathered their feedback.


There are many various methods you can use to speak with your clients or staff.

You can get direct feedback from the readers of your newsletter on what they enjoy and how they would like to see things changed by developing an interactive pop-up or embedding a survey.

After conducting an online survey, show your respondents that you appreciate their feedback by making adjustments in light of the data you gathered.


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