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How To Track an IPhone Without iCloud In 2022

How to Track an iPhone without iCloud will be described in this article. While challenging, it is sometimes feasible to track an iPhone without iCloud. Using a third-party location-tracking app like Life360 is the ideal approach to track an iPhone without using iCloud.

I’m Andrew Gilmore, a veteran Macintosh system administrator, and I’ll demonstrate the tracking options available to you for an iPhone. I’ll go into more detail about Life360 and give you a couple more ideas for finding your phone without iCloud.

How to Track an iPhone without iCloud In 2022

How to Track an iPhone without iCloud are explained here.

1. Use Third-Party App

Use Third-Party App

Without utilising iCloud, a number of third-party apps may track and report the location of your iPhone. Life360 is a well-known app. You can share the position of your iPhone with members of your “Circle” after creating an account with Life360 and signing in to the app. Also check Improve Software Quality

If your phone is lost or stolen, a member of your social network can log in and view the location history of your device. Two days’ worth of location data are provided by the free plan, but you can pay to view more time.

There are a tonne of additional apps that can track your whereabouts in the App Store. I advise reading the reviews, particularly for paid apps.

2. Enable Google Maps Location History

Enable Google Maps Location History

Using the Timeline function of the Google Maps app, you can track your iPhone. Once set up, the app will track the position of your phone and save a history of that location under your Google account. Visit timeline.google.com to view a route map on your phone.

To configure this function, download the Google Maps app and log in.

After logging in, press the symbol for your default avatar (or profile photo, if you haven’t set one up yet) to the right of the Search here search box.

  • Select Settings.
  • Under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, select Personal content.
  • Make sure location services is set to Always in the location settings.
  • If not, click Location Services is not configured to always to launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Location, then Always from there.
  • Examine the location history setting in the Google Maps app once more.
  • Touch Location History is off, then tap Turn on if the feature is not already enabled.
  • Tap Turn on after scrolling through the information screen.

3. Contact Your carrier

You must download and preconfigure software for both of the aforementioned alternatives. What if none of these choices are available because you’ve already lost your phone? If your iPhone is no longer in your hands, is there a method to track it without utilising iCloud? Although you don’t have many options, it might be worth it to phone your cell provider in a panic. In theory, if your iPhone is turned on and cellular data is enabled, the corporation should be able to triangulate your location by utilising its contact with cell towers. Also check Wifi Network Cannot Be Found On Fritz Box

Even while they can find the phone, that doesn’t guarantee they will. For the information to be disclosed, the carrier might need a subpoena. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, a 15-digit number that identifies your phone, might be useful to have on hand if you decide to call. Knowing the IMEI could shorten your chat with the carrier, even though they should already have this information.

Turn on find My Before you lose your iphone

The best option for finding your iPhone is to log into iCloud and enable Find My Apple’s function, unless you have a philosophical objection to the idea. Also check Fix Twitch’s Error 2000


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