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Best Twitch Proxies for Twitch Viewer Bots

Best Twitch Proxies for Twitch will be discussed in this article. On Twitch, people may watch popular players stream live games and, if they so choose, support them by making donations. If a gamer’s channel is well-liked, they can either obtain sponsored gigs or sign up for the Twitch affiliate network.

To the point where you can monetise your channel, it requires a lot of effort and time. A Twitch Viewer Bot will help you FastTrack the procedure. You must utilise proxies for your bot to function properly, which is why this post is here to give you advice on the top proxies for Twitch Viewer Bot.

Best Twitch Proxies for Twitch Viewer Bots

In this article, you can know about Best Twitch Proxies for Twitch Viewer Bots here are the details below;

You need to be aware that not all proxies will function when choosing one. Twitch is a sophisticated web service that has a sophisticated anti-spam system in place. Because they are more challenging to identify, I advise using residential IP proxies solely.

Best Twitch proxy provider for twitch viewer bots

  • Size of IP Pool: over 26 million
  • 130 nations are represented.
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite
  • Cost: Monthly rates for 10 ports begin at $125.

One of the biggest proxy networks on the market is Shifter (Microleaves Ltd.), which has over 26 million residential IP addresses in its pool of IP addresses.

It has existed since 2012 and has established itself as one of the top home proxy service providers.

Together with Twitch Viewer Bot, their proxies have been tested, and they have shown to be effective.

It is crucial to note that they have unlimited bandwidth because they are not priced according to capacity.

The appeal of Microleaves is their infinite bandwidth capacity. They also offer affordable proxies.

1. Stormproxies


  • Size of IP Pool: 40 million or more
  • Locations: Every nation on Earth
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite

Broadband Allowed:

  • Cost: Starting at $500 per month for 40GB @ 40GB.
  • Actually, Luminatiwould have been our top choice if it weren’t for two drawbacks: it’s extremely pricey and has a constrained bandwidth.
  • Because of its cost, utilising

2. Luminati


proxies is frequently a poor economic choice.

However, it makes sense when you engage in Twitch marketing on a wider scale.

They have the biggest proxy network on the market and a long list of Fortune 500 clients.

They have the best session control mechanism on the market, which makes them suitable for usage with Twitch Viewer Bot.

Along with having high rotating proxies, they also have persistent IP addresses.



  • Zero Minimum
  • Financial Requirement
  • Size of the IP pool: over 7 million IPs
  • Locations: More than 127 nations
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite
  • Broadband Allowed:
  • begins at 1GB
  • Cost: 1GB starts at $4.99 per month.

One of the most reliable residential proxies available is called Proxy-cheap.

Proxy-Cheap, like the other residential proxy services on the market, sources the IPs for its pool via P2P, therefore it does not actually own any of them. Also check Change Netflix Region

Users get unrestricted access to web information from any corner of the globe.

Users can monitor their proxy usage, the list of accessible proxies, and generate new IP addresses using the proxy list generator from a dashboard that they have access to.

It’s interesting that you can purchase as little as 1GB from them for $5 and that there is no minimum purchase amount.

Additionally, you will have access to a pool of more than 6 million home IP addresses with global coverage.

Most users utilise these residential IPs for sales and e-commerce, as well as for site scraping, SEO tools, market analysis, ad verification, and purchasing footwear and tickets.

4. GeoSurf


  • Size of IP Pool: over 2.5 million
  • 130 nations are represented.
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite
  • Broadband Allowed:
  • Cost: The price for 38GB starts at $450 per month.

GeoSurf is another home proxy provider with a constrained bandwidth allotment.

Despite the fact that GeoSurf residential proxies were initially created for site scraping, they have gained astonishing popularity in various fields, Twitch automation being one of them. Also check Document Management Systems

GeoSurf proxies are inexpensive and not advised for small-scale Twitch automation, similar to Luminati.

Its application is only sensible in large-scale automation.

They have proxies in practically every nation and more than 1,700 city-specific proxies.



  • Size of IP Pool: over 5 million
  • Locations: everywhere
  • 300 threads are allowed for concurrency
  • Unlimited bandwidth is permitted.
  • Cost: Daily rates for 300 ports start at $20.

Residential Soax proxies are also Twitch proxies.

Many people may not be familiar with this supplier, but let me tell you something: I have used their proxies, and they perform admirably for Twitch.

Twitch provides good location coverage and great support for location-based advertising.

Additionally, it supports systems for automatic IP rotation.

You will grow to appreciate Soax’s flexible payment options.

However, most of their plans are pricey.

The Soax proxy pool is clean since malicious IPs are routinely removed and checked.

6. Smartproxy


  • Size of the IP Pool: over 40 million
  • 195 locations worldwide that use smartproxy
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite
  • Broadband Allowed:
  • Cost: $75 per month for 5GB starting at 5GB.

Residential Smartproxy proxies have restricted bandwidth, just like GeoSurf and Luminatiproxies. Also check document management systems.

But Smartproxy is priced differently from them.

Even game newcomers can afford its most basic plan.

You may purchase their Micro Plan, which includes 5GB, for $75.

They have more than 40 million household IP addresses spread out throughout all of the world’s nations.

However, since city-specific proxies are not necessary for Twitch automation, this limitation on city-specific proxies is unimportant.

7. ProxyEmpire


  • Over 4 million home IPs make up the IP pool.
  • Approximately 170+ countries (Country, Region, City & ISP Targeting)
  • Concurrency Permitted: Infinite
  • Mode of Charging: By Bandwidth (Monthly)
  • Cost: 3GB starts at $45 per month.

With the Twitch viewer bot, Proxyempire’s clean and ethically obtained proxies have shown to be quite successful.

Even if their residential IP Pool is just 4 million, they make up for it with proxies that are ethically sourced and have cutting-edge filtering, making them secure enough for your bot to operate without fear.

Additionally, Proxyempire offers ROLLOVER Bandwidth, which lets you save any unused bandwidth for the next session, in contrast to their rivals.

To make matters even better, you can test out their proxies for just $1.97 and they support both HTTP and SOCKS5.

How to Unblocking Twitch

This section of the essay is created for people whose access to Twitch has been prohibited by their government or school, not for those who are involved in automation.

It also applies to those whose IP address was blacklisted by Twitch, most likely because it is linked to spam.

You have two choices in this situation: switch to a different PC or change your IP address. Your IP address can be changed in the most affordable way by using a home proxy. A residential VPN is an additional practical choice, and VPN services like NordVPN are also operational.

Disable Twitch


Is Twitch A Proxies-Friendly Site?

Because proxies are inherently dishonest, Twitch prohibits their use much like many other web services.

Due to its rigorous policies, Twitch has technologies in place to identify and prevent proxies.

Which Affordable Datacenter Proxies are Available for Twitch Automation?

Without a doubt, Twitch is capable to detecting the majority of datacenter proxies.I advise you to utilise residential proxies.

Cheap proxies with unlimited bandwidth are offered by providers like Stormproxies and Microleaves.


Whatever Twitch Viewer Bot you decide to use, you must understand that proxies are essential to the success of your campaign.Not all proxies can be utilised because Twitch takes a hard stance against spam.

As a result, we spent our time to identify the ones that are effective; they are covered above.


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