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10 Ways to Fix Netflix Flickering on Safari

Best Ways to Fix Netflix Flickering on Safari will be discussed in this article. Designed for macOS Special deal. View steps for uninstalling Outbyte and further information. Please read the privacy statement and EULA.

Netflix is one of the most well-known video streaming services today because it is where we get our daily fix of our favourite TV series and movies. Users can binge watch thousands of movies and hundreds of TV episodes.

However, the Netflix flickering issue has recently left a number of consumers unsatisfied and irritated. When using Safari to stream Netflix, users have reported that the screen is flickering, especially when the subtitles are turned on. Other browsers, such Firefox and Chrome, are unaffected by this issue.

However, the drawback of utilising other browsers is that they only allow resolutions of up to 720 pixels, not 1080. Because of the significant visual difference between 720p and 1080p, most people choose to view on Safari, which supports 1080p resolution.

Numerous complaints have been made in a variety of sites, but Apple still has to release a statement or an update to fix the problem. Users have taken it upon themselves to find ways solve the Netflix flickering problem rather of waiting for Apple to officially announce a fix. Here are some solutions to Netflix flickering that will fix your viewing pleasure.

Pro tip: Run a scan on your computer to check for security risks, garbage files, and performance problems.

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But before you do anything else, be sure to make a copy of your files just in case. Additionally, you should restart your Mac and use a programme like Outbyte macAries to totally erase all of your unnecessary files. Following completion of these steps, you are now prepared to test out these approaches to fix the flickering Netflix issue.

Top 10 Ways to Fix Netflix Flickering on Safari In 2022

Top 10 Ways to Fix Netflix Flickering on Safari are explained here.

Solution #1: Clear Your cache, cookies and history on Safari

Clear Your cache, cookies and history on Safari

You should clear your cache, history, and cookies as soon as you have browser issues. Most of the time, this ought to work. Also check why companies should switch to P2P cloud storage

To accomplish this, adhere to these guidelines:

Open Safari by tapping the app’s icon in the Dock or by using Spotlight to look for it.

In the toolbar at the lid of the screen, select Safari.

Choosing Preferences.

Select the Privacy tab’s Remove All Website Data button.

A window confirming your decision to delete your website data will appear. Select “Remove Now”

You will be signed out of every website you’re currently logged into, your history log will be deleted, and some settings could be reset. However, this will fix the majority of your browser issues, including Netflix flickering on Safari.

Go to netflix.com/clearcookies to clear the cookies on your Netflix browser. By doing this, you will immediately sign out and erase your Netflix cached data. To see if everything has been repaired, simply sign in again. Try any of the other strategies listed below if this does not resolve your issue.

Solution #2: Delete the IndexedDB file.

You may need to copy the instructions somewhere else or use a different browser to access this page since this approach needs you to close Safari. This is another ways to fix Netflix flickering on safari.

Do the following to clear your IndexedDB files:

Using Command + Q or the Quit Safari option in the Safari menu will end your current Safari session.

By selecting the icon from the Dock, launch Finder.

Click Go from the menu at the top of the net while keeping down the Option button.

After choosing Library, let go of the option

Scroll down, then select Safari.

After choosing the Databases folder, launch ___IndexedDB.

Move every Netflix folder to the Trash by selecting it all.

Clean out your trash.

Check Netflix to determine whether this approach fixed the issue.

Solution #3: Make sure you’re using HTML5 to play Netflix

Make sure you’re using HTML5 to play Netflix

Prior to 2014, Netflix played videos using the shaky Microsoft Silverlight plugin. However, when streaming movies in 1080p on Safari, Silverlight had a lot of issues. Netflix shifted to HTML5 for video streaming after 2014.

HTML5 was first made available for Macs with OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later, but it is now also compatible with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and 11, Google Chrome 37 or later on Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11 or later on Windows 8.1 or later, and Opera version 33. The computer must be at least a 2012 model to work with Macs running OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher.

If your Mac is more recent, it generally runs the most recent version of macOS and should enable Netflix streaming in HTML5 by default. Just make sure your browser is up to date & that you own the most recent version of macOS installed.

By knowing your OS X version and the year your Mac was constructed, you may first see if your older Mac supports HTML5 streaming on Netflix. Click the Apple logo to open the menu, then select About This Mac. You can update your macOS through the Mac App Store if your computer was made after late 2011.

All you can do, however, if your Mac is older (pre-2011), is switch to Google Chrome and force HTML5 to function on previous OSX versions. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Open Netflix when Chrome is running.

Access the Netflix Playback Settings page.

Check that off. Silverlight should be replaced with the HTML5 player.

Open Google Chrome once more after closing it.

This should enable Netflix to run on older Macs using HTML5 player instead of Silverlight.

Solution #4: Turn off subtitles

Some people have discovered that disabling subtitles when using Safari to stream Netflix fixes the flickering problem. This is another ways to fix Netflix flickering on safari.

Follow these steps to disable subtitles:

Open Netflix, log into your account, and select a film or television programme to watch.

When the video starts, move the mouse about.

An icon for dialogue will appear. When the icon displays, click it.

You can choose your favourite audio or subtitle settings in the dialogue.

Click Off next to subtitles.

This will disable subtitles for your videos and, hopefully, fix the flickering issue with Netflix.

Solution #5: Adjust your screen resolution

Adjust your screen resolution

Connor E, a Reddit member, said that altering his screen resolution had solved his issue. Why not give it a shot? Turning it from default to scaled proved to work for him. This is another ways to fix Netflix flickering on safari. Also check data science tools

Here’s how to switch your default display to scaled:

  • Select System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo.
  • Select Built-in Display under Displays.
  • Select one of the available screen resolutions, then check the box for Scaled.
  • Restart your computer after closing System Preferences.
  • Open Safari and start watching a Netflix video after changing your screen resolution to determine if the issue has been fixed.

Solution #6: Use Chrome instead of Safari

Use Chrome instead of Safari

Google Chrome might work better if you’ve previously tried all the other fixes and your streaming is still having trouble. Many Chrome users claim that the lack of flicker provides for a more enjoyable viewing experience when streaming.

Google Chrome can assist you in preventing the Netflix flickering if you use it.

Additionally, you can turn off plugins, cookies, and other add-ons that might be problematic if you’re using Google Chrome. These options can be found under Settings > Content Settings > Flash. Alternatively, you can disable specific plugins by selecting Manage Exceptions from the Plugins menu on your Chrome toolbar.

You may also configure Flash to only run when you tap within a particular area of a page if your computer has a touchscreen.

Additionally, you can test different browsers if Chrome doesn’t work.

Solution #7: Update your Mac

If the flickering on your Netflix movie persists no matter which browser you use, there might be a more complicated problem at hand. Older versions of Mac OS X are the most frequent source of the streaming video’s blurriness and flickering on Safari.

Simply upgrade your Mac to fix this problem. This is how:

In the upper-left corner of your screen, click the Apple icon. Click the App Store link there.

Next, enter “MacOS Sierra” into the page’s search box at the top.

After clicking Download, wait for the file to fully download before installing it.

Once it has been installed successfully, try Netflix once more.

Please contact Apple Support if you continue to have problems streaming videos or if you need more assistance updating your operating system. This is another ways to fix Netflix flickering on safari.

Solution #8: Switch off iCloud KeyChain

Switch off iCloud KeyChain

Try removing your login information from iCloud Keychain.

Disabling iCloud Keychain for your login information is the simplest fix to stop flickering. You may quickly disable it using the Settings app if you don’t have any iCloud-connected devices. You can disable it by going to Settings > iCloud > Keychain.

Solution #9: Turn off the Shake Mouse Pointer settings

This is one of those strange culprits, but it appears that some users are experiencing problems with the Shake Mouse Pointer setting, which is interfering with Netflix on Safari.

So, the following is how to disable this: turn off shaking by going to System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures (scroll down). Now that your mouse cursor can no longer fix, perhaps any issues will be resolved.

Solution #10. Turn on Battery optimization

Turning on Battery optimization for Safari is an even simpler solution to the problem. This will compel the CPU in your device to optimise how it handles web pages and the graphics they contain, which can lessen image flickering and delay.

Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Enable Show Develop Menu in the Menu Bar to accomplish this. Next, select Preload high-resolution photos in Develop, find Images & Media (in the Filters list), and deselect it. This will stop photos from being downloaded automatically beforehand. This is another ways to fix Netflix flickering on safari.

High-resolution graphics will no longer be downloaded automatically when you browse a website; instead, you will have to scroll down to see them.


What’s wrong with using Netflix on Safari? Your browser may occasionally flicker and freeze, frequently in the midst of the finest scenes from the programme you’re watching. The good news is what? If you know how to troubleshoot it, you should be able to fairly easily fix this bothersome issue.

One of the unpleasant issues that Apple has to address as soon as feasible is Netflix flickering on Safari. But while we wait for Apple to provide the official fix, you can test out one of the aforementioned fixes to see which one functions most suitable for you. They are simple enough for anyone to understand, and they will improve your viewing experience so you won’t overlook any of your famous shows!


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