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International breaks in September are usually relatively relaxed, giving you an opportunity to fine-tune your tactics and focus on your formations.

Not this time. This is the final set of international matches for nearly all 32 competing nations before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 20.

To ensure that they can enter the break in a better condition, The Athletic has identified one issue that all teams need to fix for this break…

Group A


Biggest Problem: Finding Forms

This window provides the litmus test for Qatar’s training camp. Similar to when South Korea co-hosted the final in 2002, the national team pulled players from Qatar Stars League clubs and put them through a six-month training camp. This means that no one has played in a football match since March, instead he has played 12 friendly matches.

The camp began in Marbella in June, losing 1-0 to Northern Ireland’s Linfield before moving to Austria, most recently in a 3-0 loss to Croatia’s U-23s.

Dates: Canada (September 23) and Chile (September 27). *All dates are based on GMT


Biggest Problem: The Impact of the Byron Castillo Scandal

When FIFA sacked


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