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B2B Ecommerce Platform And Zoey Complete Review

Zoey Complete Review will be described in this article. Consider that you are a distributor, brand, or wholesaler searching for a B2B ecommerce platform to assist you in managing all part of online ordering. If so, you’re in the perfect location whether you’re located at home or in an office. Online solutions are available on a variety of platforms, but which one is ideal for you?

B2B Ecommerce Platform And Zoey Complete Review

In this article, you can know about B2B Ecommerce Platform And Zoey Complete Review here are the details below;

Today, we’re going to look at Zoey, a less well-known e-commerce platform. Wholesalers and B2B sellers’ needs are the specific focus of this service. We’ll demonstrate for you: There is a lot to discuss, so let’s start with everything mentioned above:

Describe Zoey.

Describe Zoey

Zoey, a B2B eCommerce platform introduced in 2014, intends to assist businesses in securing sales fast and effectively, “anytime, anywhere, on any device.” It is especially made to make taking orders easier for wholesale and B2B enterprises. Sales teams may handle sales from anywhere thanks to its mobile app.

Customers can enter into their accounts, examine pricing, browse your product selection, place orders, and monitor past orders through a self-service web interface. The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Zoey’s Core Features

Let’s carry a closer look at each of Zoey’s standout qualities one at a time:

A Mobile app

A Mobile app

The mobile app is intended to assist sales staff and other team members in managing goods, sales, and clients wherever they are, as was already indicated.

Both iOS/iPad and Android devices are compatible with it.

The Zoey app can even be used without an internet connection.

All you have to do is get an internet connection and log into your staff account.

After that, the software will cache all crucial data for offline use and register it appropriately when reconnecting.

Importantly, when you’re offline, complete support for product data, customer information, and order placement is still available.

Data Accessibility

Data can be imported and exported from Zoey to other crucial business systems.

For illustration:

CSV import/export allows for the uploading of products, the updating of inventories, prices, and product information, the creation of customers, the downloading of reports, the updating of shipping details, the downloading of order histories, and the downloading of customer lists.

App and integrations: Zoey has Quickbooks, Salesforce, and NetSuite integrations.

PayPal, Live Chat, Ship Station, and Stripe are some other connectors.

Google Sheets: To manage product data, add new products, and change inventory, you may also import data from Google Sheets to Zoey.

Public APIs: In the absence of a direct app or integration, you can transfer data between Zoey and your other online solutions via public APIs.

WebHooks: Data is delivered to all the systems you use to notify them of orders when they are placed.

This portion of the functionality is still being developed, though.

Two-Way Data Sync (FTP/SFTP): You may provide Zoey file data, like CSVs, and either manually sync the data or arrange an automated sync.

B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce

Customers can purchase your goods from your website, examine orders that are currently being processed, and view other account details.

Additionally, by include keywords related to your best-selling products in your catalogue content, SEO can be improved.

When a customer logs into your website, they can immediately examine the prices, whether you offer particular customers discounted or special pricing.

Other features like an abandoned cart, free delivery choices, discounts and promotions, multi-currency options, multi-language options, tiered pricing systems, and much more can be advantageous for your business.

A Visual Design Editor

Do not be concerned; building a website does not require any coding expertise.

You can alter one of Zoey’s pre-built themes by using the visual design editor to select your own colours, fonts, and other branding components.

You can drag and drop pre-built building blocks into the editor to create your web pages as well.

To create the layout you want for your store, you can combine and match different building components.

There are more than 100 options in the Zoey block library, including headers and footers, video boxes, and category listings.

You can preview your site before it goes live once you’re done modifying it.

To make sure your design is compatible with all devices, you may do this from a tablet, desktop, or mobile perspective.

Access Restrictions

With the help of this intriguing feature, your online storefront is secured so that only users with a username & password can access it.

If you want to offer clients customised fixed prices, this is a smart choice.

Use this tool to only approve clients who qualify for price reductions when they pre-register with you.

Additionally, you may configure your Zoey website so that it has two catalogues: one that is available to the general public and one that only logged-in clients can access.

You can set up your public catalogue so that only customers who are logged in can view the prices and cart.

Additionally, you can introduce various product catalogues for particular consumer types.

Additionally, you can choose which payment methods are accepted from certain clients.

In other words, you can pick which client groups can use which payment methods in addition to accepting payments via credit cards, checks, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Customer Groups

To give customers a more specialised shopping experience, you can segment customers, catalogues, prices, promotions, shipping, and more into groups.

You may decide which clients receive special rates, discounts, or other offers, as well as which delivery alternatives each customer group receives, thanks to this.

For instance, you might sell freight to select types of customers while using traditional carriers like UPS and FedEx for others.

Salesperson Tools

These resources are intended to boost the efficiency of your sales staff.


Salespeople can be reassigned to particular customers, customer groups, and individual orders.

Additionally, you can provide salespeople access to a customer’s account backend so they can examine all of their order histories.

Additionally, your sales team can create personalised shipping and sales quotes, present price reductions, and communicate with clients via email to let them know when their sales quote is prepared.

Order Portal

You may manage your B2B customer experience by using the “Order Portal.”

With the use of this device, you can design a simple at-a-glance order page where clients can place group orders and examine product details.

Customers can use it as a self-service tool to view previous orders, follow up on current orders, change their shipping information, and store the products they commonly order to their account so they won’t have to look for them each time they log on.

Customers can view both individual products and product categories from one simple-to-view page using this feature’s Table View.

For instance, it allows shoppers to examine all the items they’re interested in purchasing in one location and add the necessary quantity of each to their shopping basket without having to add each item one at a time.

Administration Tools

You can control the back end of your company with the help of Zoey’s admin tools.

In order to limit access so that your staff members can only perform tasks related to their jobs, such as using the Visual Design Editor or managing products, you can create staff accounts there to handle products and orders.

Additionally, staff may monitor orders and sales quotes on a single screen, process orders and sales quotes, view product details, shipping data, and customer information, and modify product prices all from the comfort of one central location.

Last but not least, emails can be set up to notify internal and external team members when an order is placed or modified.

The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Zoey Pricing

Zoey Pricing

The Zoey website doesn’t display any costs.

To inquire about costs, you must contact the Zoey sales team.

Even though this might be upsetting, you can still request a free demo to see whether Zoey is something you want to look into more.

All new users of Zoey receive access to the full feature set.

For those using the Zoey Admin/App in the backend, such as salesmen, fulfilment, etc., pricing is generally depending on the number of seats that a customer utilises.

The invoicing process is simplified by Zoey’s lack of transaction fees and per-customer/product pricing.

Zoey Customer Support

Zoey Customer Support

Customers can access a variety of online resources from the Zoey website, including an implementation programme that walks you through the onboarding process in great detail and explains how to integrate your data & set up your store with Zoey.

There is also the Zoey Academy, where you can access videos and documents that you can download to help you learn about a variety of topics, such eCommerce, logistics, and shipping.

If you have a question or issue, you can contact the Zoey online support team.

Numerous online support materials, corporate news, the most recent Zoey update information, and new instructions for specific Zoey features can all be found here.

By selecting the Status option in the Zoey online help centre, you may also get information on the state of Zoey’s internet connectivity.

You should go to the support centre if you need to open a support ticket.

Naturally, in order to accomplish this, you must be logged in.

Responses to tickets are provided from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time and Monday through Friday.

Although Zoey typically responds within 20 minutes, this is not a promise, particularly if the support team needs further details from you.

What Do Zoey Users Say?

According to Zoey’s website, the platform has received numerous accolades and endorsements.

For instance, it won a gold prize on the same platform in 2021 and the Software Reviews 2022 B2B eCommerce champion award.

In general, Zoey receives ratings from users between 4 and 5 stars on all of the review sites we examined.

Reviewers laud its features, client service, and convenience of use.

Less well-liked are the fact that there aren’t many native apps to link with and that you can only contact humans via email tickets when there’s a problem.

However, the vast majority of online evaluations we found were favourable.

Zoey Pros and Cons

Let’s try to summarise all we’ve said so far into a brief list of pros and negatives.


  • You only pay for parts you actually use thanks to the personalised prices.
  • You don’t require coding knowledge to create an eCommerce storefront.
  • Regarding web design, it is completely adaptable and configurable. Online user opinions of the platform are overwhelmingly positive.


  • The Zoey website’s pricing information was unavailable, making it unsuitable for B2C vendors.
  • The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Zoey: The Final Verdict

In order to decide whether it’s worthwhile to request a free demo of the features you’re interested in using, we hope our Zoey review has provided you with enough information.

However, whether Zoey is the best platform for your B2B business ultimately depends on you.

It is less well-known than platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify, and its capabilities are primarily geared toward B2B companies and wholesalers who see the value of maximising their online presence.

You’ll get bids for a model that is totally customised to your unique business needs even while Zoey’s pricing are hidden from view.

Do you intend to use Zoey for online shopping?

Tell us in the comments section below!


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